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Ignorant Male Etiquette Tips: 10 Valentine’s Day Ideas For Him

Valentine’s Day can be stressful for a man.  What kind of chocolate does she like?  Should I get her roses or carnations?  Where do I take her for dinner?  Relax, guy!  We can help.  We’ve put together Valentine’s Day ideas for him with a few simple tips as well as V-day gift ideas for her to help our favorite male friends navigate this romantic, lovey-dovey day.

Valentine's day ideas for him -  ryan gosling hey girl

10 Must Know Valentines Day Ideas For Him

The important thing to remember is that it’s the thought that counts, but seriously guy, put some thought into it!  Or, read on to see the thought that us ladies would like you to put into it.  We promise, if you follow these simple tips, she will love you, and  you will have a V-day to remember….whatever that may entail!

Below, we’ve listed 10 Valentine’s day ideas for him that even Ryan Gosling would agree with.  Seriously, all a girl needs to hear from your sweet voice is, “Hey girl, I’ll be your box of chocolates”.


Valentine’s Day Ideas For Him

1.  It’s The Thought That Counts

You don’t have to go out and spend millions of dollars, but hey, we wouldn’t complain if you did.  Take her on an adventure and create some memories together! Sometimes just spending quality time can be a true declaration of love.  But remember, diamonds and champagne never hurt a woman….

2.  Don’t Text “I’m here!”

Make an effort guy! Be a gentleman, get out of your car, ring the doorbell, and walk her to the car where you open the door for her and then shut it behind her. Obvi.

3.  Bring Flowers

Us ladies love flowers, especially Orchids or pink roses. Carnations, not so much!  Try and sniff out what kind of flowers your  lady likes.  But if in complete doubt, go with the classic bunch of roses. Red are classic, pink are cute, and white have an air of mystery.

4.  No Drugstore Gifts

Unless your special girl has a passion for I <3 U mugs or Russel Stover V-day edition liquid cherry-filled chocolates in the limited edition box in aisle 5 of the Valentine’s day ideas for him setup, please do stay away from grabbing the first thing you see at your CVS checkout.  Again, put some thought into it because an impulse buy like this could be even worse than no gift at all, bitchy as that may sound!  If you’ve got givers-block, ask around for ideas.

Valentines Day Gift Tips For Him: How about some locally made, organic, dark chocolates in natural packaging? Or, a spa day for her? Find a fun and romantic activity to do together on a future date: horseback riding, wine tasting, or a picnic lunch.  What about putting a variety of heartfelt gifts in a box and letting her choose your future dates in front of your eyes?  O-M-G how cute is that!?

5.  Ask Females For Advice

Any female advice is better then none!  We’re sure there is someone that you can get some ideas from: coworker, Mom, sister, friend, or one of your girl’s friends (who knows everything about your lady like what she likes to do, eat, go, and what kind of flowers she likes!).  Be a Valentine’s Day Sherlock and you will surely conquer the day.

6.  Have A Plan

Do not charge into battle unprepared. Come up with a plan, make a reservation, don’t ask her before the begins “So, what do you want to do tonight?” or after dinner, “okay, what do you want to do now?”  It’s fine to do a little snooping beforehand and test the waters to see what she might like to do or where she’d like to go.  It’s possible that maybe she just wants a romantic, candlelit, homemade dinner at home.  Main pointer here is,  please do not “wing it” because you will fail miserably and the night will become stressful and weird.

7.  Don’t Keep Her Guessing

If you’re taking her out for a romantic picnic by the sea, you don’t want her to show up in sky high heels and a short mini dress, that would be hecka awkward! You can still have an element of surprise, like a nice bottle of champagne and chocolate covered strawberries following dinner, but just make sure to give her a little hint before the night begins so she comes prepared and dresses appropriately.


Don’t stress out too much guy!  And, don’t over think everything either.  Be yourself, that’s why she’s going out on Valentine’s Day with you in the first place.  Figure out what will make her feel loved, special, and beautiful and everything will just fall in place.

9.  Look Like A Gentleman

This is fairly simple men. You may not need to don a tuxedo, just be sure to put your best foot forward.  Please shower, wash your hair, shave, and smell nice.  Add something different to your ensemble that shows that you put a little extra effort into your evening attire and that you have sophistication that women love – like one of those pocket squares that guys put in the coat pocket.  Try the Mr. Pink pocket square by Nobleman or cufflinks.

10.  Don’t Get Wasted

Self explanatory, but still, please try and rein it in, cowboy. Don’t start downing the drinks, even if you are quite nervous around the lady. Believe us, she wont find wasted adorable.  Order a a nice bottle of wine and enjoy the evening sip by sip, rather than shot by shot.

We hope our Valentine’s Day ideas for him have you feeling stronger about next Friday evening.  We and Ryan Gosling wish you the best of luck, gentlemen! 

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