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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Him

If you go blank at the thought of Valentine’s Day gifts for him, look no further, as we have 11 really awesome Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him — no matter what stage of your relationship you’re in.  Click here for Valentine’s Day gifts for her.   From newbie daters to finding a gift for a man who has everything, we’ve got something for you!  It’s time to get your hands working in our DIY goodie bags and iced heart cookies or taco date night at home, or perhaps if you’re looking for something a little less crafty, try The Art of Shaving starter shave kit, a custom shirt available at The Ascot Shop, or the gift of anti-aging through vibration therapy training at La Jolla Wellness Studio.  Happy Valentine’s Day and we hope you enjoy our Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him!

11 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Him

1. Starter Shave Kit

A man’s shave is super important to him, so help him avoid razor burn with The Art of Shaving shave brush. The shave brush is used to apply the shaving cream, which then exfoliates the skin, and makes for a deeper and cleaner shave.  It also reduces chance of razor burn.  The Art of Shaving starter shave kit is only $25 and available at The Ascot Shop in La Jolla.

Shaving Kit that prevents razor burn and gives a deeper shave.

2. DIY Goodie Bag

If you’re in a new relationship, you don’t want to get him something too big because it could turn him and just be too much.  Play it safe by making him a thoughtful goodie bag — DIY style.  We filled festive bags with heart shaped chocolates and made our own cards with V-Day stamps.  If you don’t have time to buy a stamp, find an old pencil and carve a heart into the eraser.  It works just as well!

DIY Chocolate Goodie Bag

DIY Card with V-Day stamps

3. Taco Date Night At Home

It’s no longer about the bacon, tell your man you love him more than tacos!  A taco date night will get him drooling and you know how he likes to stay in 😉 Shop this gift at Hi Sweetheart Boutique in La Jolla.

Have taco date night with your man…at home!

4. Anti-Age As A Couple

If you see wrinkles and gray coming, get your man (and yourself) the gift of anti-aging at La Jolla Wellness Studio.  There, they’ll put you through a series of vibration therapy training which takes away wrinkles and tightens the skin!  It’s also great for improving lean muscle mass, reducing stress, increasing libido, and detoxing the body. Shop this gift at La Jolla Wellness Studio and get 20% off when you mention Nubry.

5. Custom Shirt

For a man who has everything, get him the gift of a custom fitted shirt!  Made with Egyptian cotton thread and triple stacked mother of pearl buttons, this item will surely grab his attention and he’ll think of you every time he wears it. Shop this gift at The Ascot Shop in La Jolla.

For a man who has everything, get him the gift of a custom shirt!

6. Lapel Pins

First ties, then pocket squares, now lapel pins. But, aren’t they so adorable? Lapel pins tie your man’s look together if coordinated correctly with his shirt.  Show him how good you are with men’s trends! Shop this gift at The Ascot Shop in La Jolla.

Lapel pins are the new pocket squares!

7. DIY Iced Sugar Cookies

Don’t know how to bake a good cookie or just dn’t have enough time? Head to your local grocer for heart-shaped cookies and ice them yourself. They’ll look and taste just as good as homemade…and he’ll love you for thinking of his sweet tooth.

Ice your own (store-bought) cookies for a homemade look.

8. Whiskey & Accessories

It’s no secret that men love their whiskey.  Improve his collection with a pair of Whiskey glasses  and surprise him with  Sparq Whiskey Rocks, which will prevent his whiskey from getting watery.  Simply freeze and pop them into his drink. These sophisticated rocks chill the drink without diluting the taste. Shop this gift at Hi Sweetheart Boutique in La Jolla.

What man doesn’t love a good ‘ol Whiskey…and all of the accessories?

9. Socks and Saxx

Every pair of SAXX features a combination of technology and innovation that makes them the most comfortable, high-performance underwear ever made. Your man will be in heaven!  Pair his Saxx with a pair of quality, hand-finished socks in an exciting print.  Shop Saxx Underwear and hand-finished made in Italy socks at The Ascot Shop in La Jolla.

Every guy needs a pair of Saxx — the world’s greatest — and quality socks.

10. Backpack

Is your guy always on the run (literally), jumping from workout sesh to work to gym to yoga to run…?  You just can’t track his next move!?  Get him organized and powered up for his busy day with a backpack that has all the pockets and gadgets he could ever dream of, including a fold out attachment to support his yoga mat!  Shop this gift at lululemon La Jolla or shop lululemon Cruiser Backpack here.

For the man on the run, get him a versatile backpack that can carry all his needs.

11. Automobile Customization Package For Him

Take his Porsche to the next level, it’s really quite easy!  The cost of body style customizations can be similar in price to a designer handbag…now we’re talking the same language!  But seriously, imagine how good your man will feel when he has a one-of-a-kind Porsche (or other)?  Priceless!! Shop this gift at HG Motorsports or Call 6195048140.

Customize his Porsche and make it one-of-a-kind at HG Motorsports!

Customize his Porsche and make it one-of-a-kind at HG Motorsports!

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