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Follow My Journey To The Miss California USA 2013 Crown

Hey Girlies! I’m so excited to announce to you that I am in the Miss California USA 2013 pageant!!!  This year’s Miss California USA will be held on January 12-13, 2013 at The Pasadena Civic in Pasadena, CA.  (Buy Tickets here).  I made a really last second, late in the game decision to compete for the crown, but I’m so glad that I did!  It has been my dream to represent California and the amazing young ladies who reside here, and by utilizing the Miss California platform, I’ll be able to reach an even larger audience than I currently am able to, for whom I can inspire and truly prove to that we gals can accomplish whatever it is that we set our minds to.

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On Nubry, we showcase healthy lifestyles through beauty and fashion, key aspects that the Miss California promotes.  Not only do I want to represent California from a beauty and health point of view, I also want to represent California because there is so much that I can offer and also that you all can offer!  For example, if you want to start your own business in this economic crisis, you can! My sister, Britt Hackmann, and I did!  You’re looking at it!  It hasn’t by any means been easy, but because of the support we’ve received from our fans, friends, and community, we’ve been so fortunate to be be able to build our fashion and style magazine into a hugely popular, national magazine that’s known for it’s “How to Wear” and “What to Wear” style guides.

It gives me so much pleasure to be able to offer you a look into my journey as “Miss Nubry” to the Miss California crown.  (See all contestants here).  This is not going to be an easy road for me though, I have make or break things like wardrobe to think about – evening gown, interview outfit, and swim suit – my all around look – hair, makeup, footwear, and accessories – dropping some pounds and perhaps most importantly, always remembering to stay true to myself throughout this entire process!  The good thing is, I’m not in this alone.  I’ve got a ridiculous support network that I’m so fortunate to have – my beautiful sister and best friend, Britt, by my side, my bubbly and beyond intelligent coach, Courtney Hughes (Subscribe to her updates here), organizing my thoughts, my family and friends as my cheerleaders, and of course you, our readers on Nubry as my  best fans!!!

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Over the next few weeks, I’ll be showing you my wardrobe options, beauty, makeup, and hair tips as I receive them from my beauty stylists, as well as health and nutrition recommendations.  I’d love for you to help me choose the right dress!  Follow me on Facebook and also Instagram for picture updates. Who wore your favorite gown in Miss Universe 2012?

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Gretchen hackmann Miss California 2013 Blue Dress

Gretchen Hackmann “Miss Nubry” for Miss California USA 2013!

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