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Mommy Advice: 5 Pregnancy Tips To Know Before Getting Pregnant

You can find the same pregnancy tips in books and magazines all over the world, explaining what to do while carrying a baby, but there are a few bits of advice they never include!

pregnancy tips you need to know - pregnant advice - new moms - moms to be

Pregnancy tips from a new mommy that you need to read!

From the second you find out you’re pregnant! to that life-changing moment when you get to hold your new miracle in your arms for the first time, you may be so caught up in the bliss of being pregnant that you forget to really seek out different opinions about pregnancy behavior.

A woman’s first pregnancy is always something she will never forget, and no matter how many times one reads What to Expect When You’re Expecting, there are a few pregnancy tips you’ll wish you had known about that weren’t in the books! Below we give 5 must-know pregnancy tips and really great pieces of advice that you must know about before having a baby.  Good luck!


5 Pregnancy Tips: How To Improve Your Experience

1. Eat A Healthy Diet, Don’t Go Wild! –  Many pregnant mamas (and we say this without judgment!) use pregnancy as a time to eat whatever they want! Fried chicken, doughnuts, cookies…you name it, they eat it! Then they have baby and are left with 60+ pounds to lose. If you have a clear diet plan set up for your pregnancy, you can avoid the extra weight gain and keep your baby growing at a healthy rate. I realized this half way into my pregnancy and it not only changed my weight gain, but also changed my overall energy and health.  I absolutely believe that it’s important to indulge and enjoy treats here and there, but not at the expense of your overall health and your baby’s health! What you eat affects you and your baby both. Getting healthy fats, greens, fruits, whole grains and protein is key to your energy and baby’s health. Click here to see an example of what my diet looked like while pregnant.

what to eat while pregnant - healthy pregnancy foods - pregnancy tips you need to know

Eat a healthy diet while pregnant, this is not the time to go all out on junk food!

raw foods - green leafy vegetables - pregnant diet - pregnancy tips you need to know - pregnant advice

The nutrients you put into your body while pregnant are important for your baby

2. This is the last time you will ever have pure ‘Me Time’ – My ‘mama’ friends told me this, but it just didn’t register. I was so excited to be pregnant ,and so anticipating meeting my little one, that I didn’t really understand or care about ‘me time’.  Really, spend your pregnancy free-time moments doing what you love most. Get massages, paint, take photos, blog, go on hikes, be outdoors, spend one-on-one time with your honey, and don’t take this time for granted. Feed your soul and enjoy the time thoroughly because, sooner than you think, a little being is going to be relying on you for everything at every moment!

pregnancy tips you need to know - pregnant advice - new moms - moms to be.jpg

After becoming pregnant, you will never have pure “Me Time” ever again!

3. Don’t Rush Into Buying An Expensive Crib – Co-sleeping is awesome, and it’s great for many reasons. It helps the bond with mama and baby (especially if you had a C-section or the baby was taken away at birth), you actually get more sleep because if you’re breastfeeding (as I am) you just sit up and feed baby verses getting up and walking all the way to another room, nursing, and then returning to bed.  It also helps baby feel secure and trust that her needs will be met.  For the whole family, it makes a lot of sense when it comes to getting good sleep! I invested in a great co-sleeper and haven’t looked back!

4. Listen To Your Mother’s Advice – There are so many pregnancy tips out there that tell you how and what to do with your baby. It’s important to know some of these things, but even more important to go with your gut instinct as a mama. If breastfeeding feels natural and right to you, but your family doesn’t support it, find people who do, call La Leche League – an international nonprofit organization that distributes information on and promotes breastfeeding – and do what your instincts are telling you is right, because more often than not, they are perfectly correct for you and your baby!

5. Beware Of Common Radiation – Don’t use wireless internet in the house if you can help it (get a hard line or unplug when not in use), limit cell phone use, and be aware of keeping your phone or tablet away from your body. Also, be aware of ultrasounds, yes they are a wonderful way to feel connected to your baby, but if you don’t need one for medical reasons, consider skipping it. The long term effects of repeated ultrasound exposures on the fetus are not fully known and thus it is recommended that the ultrasound only be used if medically indicated. Read more about pregnancy wellness at The American Pregnancy Association.  Did you know that your doctor or midwife can give a great estimate of your due date based on the size of your growing tummy? There are many ways to connect with baby and keep him/her safe while in your tummy. Reading, singing, looking at pictures of you and your partner as babies, reading about what stage of development baby is in was so fun for me and really kept me feeling connected.

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Summer Sanders has long had a passion for holistic health, fresh foods, and fitness. She trained at the Matthew Kenney Academy and eventually took a job with the school as a raw food instructor in Santa Monica. She now runs a whole food cleansing and health consulting company called Radiantly Raw Lifestyles. She is a certified personal trainer, weight management coach, prenatal exercise coach, and fitness nutrition specialist with National Academy of Sports Medicine. Summer has just finished her first raw food lifestyle book that is due out Mid 2014 with Vegan Heritage Press. You can find her on Instagram @RawFoodLove

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