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Mommy To Be: Post Hospital Shopping List For New Mom And Newborn – Print!

As a mommy to be, the joyous months leading up to your baby’s birth are filled with a million and one things to do.  “Have I taken my prenatal vitamins today?” or “Do I have enough pink/blue/rainbow onesies?” and “Will the matching animal print curtains arrive in time for me to hang them?”

mommy to be post hospital shopping list for newborn and new mom

What new moms really need after leaving the hospital with their newborn. Read on for our post hospital shopping list!

All of these questions and more are running through a mommy to be’s head – and that’s okay!  These are important questions!!  But, before you start stressing over the feng shui of your baby’s nursery — which will lead to a happier, healthier child — read our post hospital shopping list created for both newborn and mommy to be / new mom.

Print this list of essential supplies and check off each item as you acquire it.  All of these items will seriously help you and your baby survive those first few amazing months together.  Congrats and best of luck mommy to be!


Post Hospital Shopping List For A Mommy To Be

Newborn Shopping List

  • Swaddling Blankets – your baby will love being snuggled in a swaddling cloth that keeps him or her secure and comforted.  Practice swaddling a pillow so you’re an expert by the time your wiggly baby arrives.  SHOP Aden + Anais Aden + Anais Safari Friends Swaddle Plus, Unisex
  • Nursing Cover – a little privacy please! A nursing cover gives you the confidence to nurse where and when you need to.  SHOP Bebe au Lait Nursing Cover – Barcelona Bebe, Blue/Cream/Sand
  • Baby Cradle/Swing – this is a must…the swaying motion will remind your little one of life in the womb and will give your arms a chance to rest.   SHOP Fisher Price My Little Snugabunny Cradle ‘n Swing
  • Newborn Sleeping Bag – since you should banish any blankets or pillows from your baby’s crib or co-sleeper, a “sleeping bag” aka “baby snuggie” is a comfy and safe way to keep your baby warm during his or her loooooong night of sleep (LOL). SHOP Carter’s Birdie Sleep Bag Set – Girls newborn-9m
  • Newborn Mittens / Nail Clippers – newborns have sharp nails…like REALLY sharp.  Nail clippers will help keep them manageable…and when you’re too afraid to use the clippers, mittens will protect your baby.
  • Newborn pants – if they didn’t come with onesies…so obvious, right?
  • Newborn Pacifiers – make sure your bottles and pacifies are “newborn size” and not 6+ month size.
  • Dreft + Dreft Stain Remover – it’s time to make friends with your laundry machine.  Dreft is a laundry detergent brand made specifically for babies.
  • Night Light – you’ll need 2: a soft glowing light to keep on during the night and a bright light that you can easily turn on and off during late night diaper changes. Mini “tap lights” work really well for this purpose.

Mommy To Be / New Mom Shopping List:

  • Your Homework –  Read The Baby Whisperer & Happiest Baby on the Block. Also, create a “Birth Plan” document to hand to the hospital staff. The has a great template for this.
  • Contraction Timer App – Have this ready before you need to go to the hospital… and know how to use it!
  • “Get Maternal” or “Mother’s Milk” Tea – if you are breastfeeding, this tea is very helpful. If you are not breastfeeding, then it still tastes really great.
  • Avent Gel Packs – natural soothing for all of your post-baby aches and pains.
  • Stretchy / Supportive Yoga Tops – preferably with an empire waist and loose flowing bottom.  This style of top will fit and flatter, making you feel good.
  • Bathrobe / Wrap Sweaters – another chic way to cover up and be comfortable at the same time.
  • More Prenatal Vitamins + DHA Supplements if you are breastfeeding you’ll need to keep taking your vitamins! SHOP Nordic Naturals strawberry.
  • Chapstick &  Ponds Cleansing Towelettes embrace your new beauty routine, mommy to be!


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