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5 Awesome Mother’s Day Ideas That Don’t Include Brunch

Going out to eat for Mother’s Day brunch is so cliché, don’t you think? This year, skip the fancy, stuffy lunch and choose to do a memorable activity from our list of awesome Mother’s Day ideas that we’ve brainstormed for you and your family.  It’s essential to show your unabiding love for Mom with creative and unique activities or gift ideas, so don’t slip and end up at a lame old brunch with everyone else!  Create a Mother’s Day Survival Kit in a flash here. Wondering how to surprise Mom and make her holiday truly special and memorable? Plan a special Mother’s Day ahead of time by getting inspired below with our list of 5 awesome Mothers Day ideas that don’t include brunch.

Mothers Day Ideas That Don’t Include Brunch

unique mothers day ideas

Treat your mom to something more memorable than Sunday brunch!

1. Get Outside & Exercise

Get out and about this Mother’s Day to get your Mom’s endorphins pumping = happy momma! Some awesome exercise ideas include going cycling, jogging, or speed walking. Even if you and your mom are not in a regular exercise program, why not start Sunday!? Grab your dog, throw on your sneakers, some cute spandex, and get outside!

2. Go To The Theater

Check out your local area listings for production companies that are putting on interesting dramas or musicals. Going to the theater is a great way to experience a variety of different entertainment with your mom.

3. Have A Spa Day

Massages, mani/pedis, and facials are always amazing and definitely a relaxing way for your mother to spend her day with you. Pick her up a gift card or include it in her Mother’s Day Survival Kit and then join her for a rejuvenating spa day together.

mothers day ideas - paddle boarding

Take your mom out on the water — try paddle boarding!

4. Get To The Water

Water sports are a ton of fun and a great way to spend Mother’s Day. Great water sport ideas include going paddle boarding, jet skiing, boating and/or kayaking. Check your local area listings for places which rent such equipment and go have a splash with your mom!

5. Travel

Why not hop in the car for an impromptu roadtrip or on the plane and take your mother somewhere she’s never been or to a place you think she’d really like! Imagine her surprise! Take a day trip to a neighboring town and discover new scenery or take off for the entire weekend and go somewhere remote!

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