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Awesome Mother’s Day Gift Guide: Items That Will Actually Improve Her Life

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, we’ve been doing some thinking about what to get Mom that will actually help her improve her way of life and day-to-day living.  A typical Mother’s Day gift guide includes items that sadly have no real value to Mom’s life…yes, all gifts received are of course appreciated, but also quickly tossed aside.  Don’t let your Mother’s Day gift be forgotten!  This year, get your beautiful Mother a gift that she can use in her daily routine and that will constantly remind her of you every day.  Get your Mom a gift that will put her on a healthy track and have her feeling the way she did in her twenties!  Below, we’ve put together a heartfelt Mother’s Day Gift Guide including 10 gifts that will literally improve your Mom’s life.  Seriously! Now get shoppin’…links below!


Awesome Mother’s Day Gift Guide

mother's day gift guide ... homemade fresh coffee

How about a freshly brewed, organic Cup O Joe to start Mom’s morning routine?

1. French Press + Organic Whole Coffee Beans + Coffee Grinder (Homemade Organic Cup O Joe) — your mom deserves an exceptional cup of coffee in the morning, so start her day off right with a all of the ingredients necessary.  She’ll start by hand grinding her organic coffee beans, for optimal flavor, and then she’ll brew her cup O Joe in 4 minutes using her insulated french press.  This may seem like a lot of work, but believe us, it’s so worth it and she’ll be addicted to her new morning java routine!

mother's day gift guide - homemade almond milk

Nix the processed, store-bought almond milk and help Mom make her own!

2. Cheese Cloth + Sprouted Almonds (Homemade Almond Milk) — hopefully your mom is off the dairy and milk habit and onto the plant based milks.  But, did you know that all plant based milks are filled with Carrageenan, a filler that helps to thicken the plant milk?  This thickener causes inflammation in the body and can be a killer!  Chronic inflammation is a root cause of many serious diseases including heart disease, Alzheimer’s, Parkinsons, and cancer.  Make sure that your mom has this information and that she nixes the store bought almond milk for fresh, homemade almond milk.  Not only does the homemade taste super creamy and amazing, it’s also pretty easy to make and takes hardly any time! Surprise, surprise.  All mom needs to make her own almond milk is a cheese cloth, strainer (which she already has) and raw sprouted almonds.  Here’s the recipe for “how to make your own almond milk” which you should also include in her gift.

3. Organic Produce or Farmer’s Market Food Delivery Service — eating a whole foods diet that’s plant based is vitally important for the health and well-being of a person, especially your dearest Mom.  Get your Mother’s diet on the right track by starting her off on an organic delivery service.  There are many farmer’s market delivery companies available all over the country now and there’s usually no strings attached.  Meaning, if you don’t like it, you can easily cancel the service.

wooden cutting board - mothers day gift guide

Encourage your Mother to cut fresh vegetables often with a rich, wooden cutting board.

4. Wood Cutting Board — upgrade and refresh your Mom’s plastic, worn out cutting board with a beautiful wooden cutting board.  It looks beautiful in the kitchen and supports the idea of cutting fresh vegetables often!

5. Winston Flowers — flowers will always brighten your Mother’s Day, even if they wont last forever.  Winston Flowers does an amazing job at finding the best florists all over the country.  Their service is impeccable and they’ll help you put together the right florals, best suited for your Mom.

6. Juliska Wine Charms— A set of adorable wine charms will make your Mother’s life easier.  Come Thanksgiving or the next family get together, everyone will know which wine glass is theirs, taking added stress off of your Mother.

7. Balanced Raw Cookbook by Tina Leigh — your Mom deserves to feel good and look fabulous!  This cookbook supports a whole foods, plant-based diet, and encourages people to detox their bodies of all the toxins by consuming fruits and vegetables.  The recipes are easy, under 30 minutes (including prep), and make you realize how good it feels to eat plants.  On this plan, you’ll naturally drop weight and increase energy.

8. Orange Theory Fitness — with studios popping up all over the country now, Orange Theory is the hottest new workout!  We’ve tried it and are hooked.  In 1 hour, you’ll burn hundreds and hundreds of calories, lose buckets of sweat, and will leave feeling exhilarated.  This group workout really works and your Mom will thank you for helping her get her body back!

9. Juliska Glass Pitcher — beautiful and delicate, this pitcher will last forever in your Mother’s kitchen.  She can pull it out and display on the breakfast table with her homemade almond milk, freshly squeezed orange juice, or she can used it for filtered cucumber water on a warm summer day.  Either way, it’s eye candy for her kitchen!

10. Wood Organization Hampers — relieve a bit of stress by adding beautiful organization to your Mother’s home.  These large wooden hampers are nice to look at and will hide all of the unwanted laundry or other random things lying around the house.

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