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How To Plan A Nice-Girl Bachelorette

Nice-Girl Bachelorette Party

We’ve all seen it before…tacky bachelorette groups out at the bars – proudly wearing hot pink sashes, tiaras, phallic symbols….  In fact, we may have been a part of such a debauchery before too… But, because one of my very good friends is getting married soon (and I am the maid of honor), I decided to plan her bachelorette a little differently.  That’s right, a bachelorette party without all the tackiness! Can it be done? Click here to see our most recent bachelorette party photoshoot at the Andaz San Diego – lots of great bachelorette party ideas!

Nice-Girl Bachelorette 101:

1. Menu

The first step in throwing the party is coming up with the menu.  Our bride loves margaritas, so I wanted to plan the menu around that.  Since we are a health-conscious group, I bought a ton of Skinnygirl Margaritas and champagne to toast!  For edibles, I prepared homemade guacamole with lime tortillas;lowfat lobster pasta salad(for an inexpensive alternative, substitute the lobster for lump crab); jalapeno popper dip; salami and gourmet cheese with rosemary crackers; and fresh fruit.  Quite the menu, but it’s simple and looked great! Wouldn’t you agree?

Bachelorette Menu – Tortillas + Guac, fresh fruit, lobstersalad, jalepeno poppers, salami + cheese + crackers

2. Games

Another party necessity is preparing fun activities for the partygoers. After drinks and snack, it was finally time to bring out the party games!   One of my favorite games is where I sent the groom a list of questions to answer in advance, without the bride knowing!  The bride-to-be was asked to to answer the same questions while at the party.  The goal here is that she will answer with the same responses as the groom-to-be.  This game is really cute, I definitely recommend this for your bachelorette parties too!

Party Game Questions:

Where/when was your first “official” date?

Where was your first kiss?

What is your favorite restaurant?

What is the bride’s favorite restaurant?

What is your favorite drink/cocktail?

What is the bride’s favorite drink/cocktail?

What is your worst habit?

What is the bride’s worst habit?


3. Gifts:


It wouldn’t be a party without gifts! Just for fun, I had the bride wear a white boa because she is, afterall, the bride.  She got some really cute gifts including a trip to the spa – lucky lady!


Bride-to-be opens her gifts!

Joke of the night: A Granny Nighty – perfect for the honeymoon?

All in all, it ended up being a really fun night! We were able to reunite with our out-of-town friends, take-in a healthy dose of gossip, and of course enjoy lots of tasty cocktails! All of the ladies looked beautiful in their party dresses and most importantly, we had a ball!!  We definitely sent our bride-to-be off to matrimony in style. Would you plan your girlfriend’s bachelorette party like I did?

Friends, Gossip, Eats, Drinks, Games, Gifts = Bachelorette Party Success

All dressed up in party attire – these are the best nights

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