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5 Unique And Fun Date Ideas in San Diego

There are endless fun things to do on a first, second or third date or with your significant other in San Diego. Finding fun date ideas in San Diego should not be challenging, so here is some inspiration.   I may be a bit biased, but San Diego is one of the best cities in America to live while in your 20s.  Well, and your 30s and 40s, but there is so much fun stuff to do whether you’re single or in a relationship at any age…  Great weather year round, the water, the outdoors, awesome restaurants, bars, The Padres, The Chargers…  My first roommate in San Diego referred to the city as “Man Diego” because of the ratio of women to men, which means there’s no shortage of men to go out and do something fun with. The following are five fun date ideas in San Diego for the outdoorsy type, the foodie, the entertainer (an icebreaker), the sports fan, and the music lover.

5 Fun Date Ideas in San Diego

1. For the Outdoors Type: Hike Torrey Pines.  There are a bunch of different trails to hike at the Torrey Pines Reserve ranging from easy to difficult.  End your hike with a romantic picnic on the beach if you so choose.  Also, if you have a dog your dog is allowed on the Reserve and on the beach!  Remember to bring plenty of water and that the cliffs can be unstable and dangerous.  Make sure to stay on the trails.

5 Fun Date Ideas in San Diego From The Outdoors To Foodies

2. For the Foodie: Drinks at Neighborhood & Dinner at Zanzibar.  The Neighborhood downtown (777 G Street) has an excellent selection of beer and a great patio.  The interior and decor is awesome, and the staff is friendly and super knowledgeable.

Favorite Munch: Truffle Popcorn with a beer. You can thank me later! 

After grabbing a couple of craft beers at Neighborhood, walk about 50 steps North to Zanzibar (707 G Street) for dinner.  They have an excellent selection of wine, cocktails and high quality foods. This is an extra tip for fun date ideas in San Diego.

5 Fun Date Ideas in San Diego From The Outdoors To Foodies

3. For the Ice Breaker: East Village Tavern and Bowl.  East Village Tavern (930 Market St) is a great place to go on a first date or on a group date.  With over 50 HD flat screens, Happy Hour from 3-7 Monday through Friday, plus bowling, you’re bound to have a good time.  There are two other locations in EastLake and North County.

In my experience, I always get a little bit better at bowling after a beer or two.

East Village Tavern & Bowl

4. For the Sports Fan: Padres game.  I’m gonna be honest, I don’t know all the rules of baseball but I grew up going to and watching games with my dad and brother and have always loved watching live games.  My dad made the goal of visiting every MLB stadium before he turned 62 and has always had a special place in his heart for San Diego and the Padres stadium.  One of the first things I did when I moved out here was go to a Padres game.  The sun was shining, the beer was flowing, and the hot dogs were on point.  Even though the season is over, make sure you take advantage of the games when the season starts again.  It’s such a fun area of town with lots of restaurants and bars to visit before or after the game.  In my opinion, it’s one of the funnest things to do in San Diego!

Insider tip:  You can visit the stadium while the players are warming up and try to catch a ball.

Padres Stadium

5. For the Music Lover: Concert at the Casbah or House of Blues. I’m a huge fan of live music.  A few weeks back I went to a concert with some friends at the Casbah in Little Italy.  I didn’t even know who the band was before I went, but it ended up being such a good time.  The show cost around $15 and drinks aren’t overpriced at all.  There were 3 acts and all of them were great.  One of my favorites though, Phantogram was playing at House of Blues a week later.  I have heard of House of Blues and knew they were all over the country but this concert was awesome.  I love Phantogram so much I even traveled up to Santa Ana the night prior to see them, but I must say the House of Blues was a much better venue.  It wasn’t expensive and ended up being a great show.  Concerts are fun to go to whether or not you’re with a group of people or with someone you just started dating.  It’s a great way to socialize, enjoy good music and hang out at a cool venue.  If you haven’t checked out either of these places I highly suggest it!

Phantogram Concert House of Blues San Diego


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