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La Jolla Vacation: 18 Things You Will Want To Know About The Locals

Are you traveling to the jewel of California aka La Jolla? A La Jolla vacation is one to remember and a top destination in southern California! This is one of the most beautiful places on earth, making a La Jolla vacation one that people all over the world dream of taking. The beaches are friendly and gorgeous with photographic topography and hiking right along the coast. The La Jolla cove and La Jolla shores have lots of great shopping and and landscape views.

La Jolla Vacation: 18 Things You Will Want To Know About The Locals

Example of a local La Jollan

Before traveling to La Jolla, there are some things that you will want to know about the people in La Jolla, such as the quirky things that they’re known for.  Below, we’ve given 18 things you’ll want to know about La Jolla locals.


La Jolla Vacation: 18 Things You Will Want To Know About The Locals

1. Parking: You will notice women bending down to check out their undercarriage of their car. It may appear that they are trying to see if their tires have been slashed or if somebody hit them, or looking for something under their car. They are actually checking to see if their tires have been marked with chalk by the meter nanny.  Parking in La Jolla is one of the biggest challenges people face in this town.  Parking is hard to come by and therefore street parking is highly sought after, especially the 2 hour spots as opposed to the 1 hour spots or even worse the 15 minute spots. If you haven’t been marked, then you have an hour of leeway on your parking duration in that particular spot.

2. It is common practice to make a left turn across double yellow lines to snipe a parking spot on the opposite side of the street.

3. Locals travel across the winding 1 mile road called Torrey Pines to get to the other side of town where Whole Foods lies.

4. Looking for coffee in La Jolla?: The locals go to Brick and Bell Cafe, but they first do a drive-by past the coffee shop to see if they want to mingle with the people currently sipping coffee, reading newspapers and iPads, and rocking their children. The true locals head over to Pannikin Coffee…drive-bys happen here too.

5. Everyone knows, the Starbucks on Prospect Street is the slowest Starbucks in America.

La Jolla Vacation: 18 Things You Will Want To Know About The Locals

If you’re on the way to La Jolla for vacation, I sure hope those suitcases are filled with lululemon

6. Locals can easily be spotted as they wear fabulous lululemon outfits with a the latest and greatest lululemon jacket, brand new Nike sneakers in hot pink, and a designer tote – preferably a Louis, a Givenchy Nightinggale, or a YSL Muse. Don’t feel like you need to fit in while on your La Jolla vacation, but just a heads up!

7. Every two weeks, lululemon changes their windows and locals rush the store to purchase the new workout trends aka La Jolla fashion trends!

8. Locals use Warwicks, an upscale gift shop, as their everyday convenient store for everything from hostess gifts to wrapping paper to last minute arts and crafts projects. Warwicks has everything a woman could need.

9. Locals know where to buy the best roses in town … Vons, La Jolla’s local supermarket!

10. Most of the construction in La Jolla is actually fulfilling the demand for the La Jollans who are bored of their pilates, yoga, or core power workouts. A new workout concept pops up next to the last facility every few months.

11. Locals know they have to call ahead for their nails, because The Nail Lounge of La Jolla is the busiest joint in town.

12. Locals are lucky enough to live in La Jolla where hashtag #seals is dominated by photos posted in La Jolla. One would think that seals only exist in La Jolla.

13. Locals always can spot tourists in winter because they wear flip flops and tank tops when they’re busy wearing scarves and ski jackets! Hello, temps of 65-70 degrees require sweater and boots, not sun dresses!

14. Locals never wear flowy mini skirts or skater skirts in the dowtown La Jolla area because it is windy and skirts fly sky high…unless that is if they have cute underwear to show off.

15. If it rains, don’t go out driving…locals are NOT used to rainy driving conditions and the traffic is worse than a bad snow storm.

16. Locals watch tourists take photos for Instagram of fancy cars on the daily in La Jolla  – Lambos, Ferraris, Bugattis, etc. Follow @Socalspotters on Instagram if you are behind on this!

17. Locals do not linger outside of the La Jolla Sports Club because they know that everyone can see them from inside. Just because the windows are blacked out at LJSC doesn’t mean everyone can’t see you while sipping their coffee and read magazines from the elliptical machines.

18. Do not ask locals about attractions in downtown San Diego…for the most part, locals haven’t traveled much beyond downtown La Jolla.

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