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5 pumpkin decorating ideas - painted designer pumpkins

5 Pumpkin Decorating Ideas For The Holidays

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It’s the best time of year right now to pick out plump pumpkins at your local farmer’s market for all of your pumpkin decorating ideas, pumpkin recipes, and pumpkin decor needs.  Whether you’re taking your kiddies out trick or treating this Friday, setting up your annual costume party, or having a pumpkin decorating bash, Halloween is one of the most exciting holidays of the year…wouldn’t you agree? While decorating your…

pumpkin recipes halloween

10 Pumpkin Recipes For The Holidays

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With Halloween quickly approaching and Thanksgiving shortly behind, we want to make sure that you’re fully prepared and in the mood for the holiday season by inspiring you to make one of your very own pumpkin recipes!  Whether you’re headed to a spooky Halloween party with friends or throwing Thanksgiving at your house this year, you have no reason not to have something pumpkin in your hands. Now, if you’re…

halloween party treats popcorn balls

Halloween Party Treats: Spooky Spider Popcorn Balls

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This Halloween, spook your guests with these yummy, but scary, Spider Popcorn Balls! These Halloween party treats are fun to make with girlfriends or kiddies and will instantly get you all into the Halloween spirit. The color of your popcorn balls will be chosen depending on how much you would like to spook your guests when they see your spiders!  You can make them decorative, sweet, and cute with bright…

Pumpkin cookie treats for halloween

How To Make Halloween Treats: White Chocolate Covered Pretzels

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Looking for fun and easy Halloween treats to make for your friends? White chocolate covered pretzels using Pretzel Crisps are amazingly delicious and so easy to make even when making into pumpkin shaped treats.  Halloween chocolate covered pretzels combine the sweet and salty tastes for amazing yumminess! We had so much fun decorating the pretzels and they made for such a tasty little treat. We’ve been brainstorming and stressing all…

How To Make Vegan Strawberry Shortcake Dessert For Memorial Day

Foolproof Vegan Desserts: Strawberry Shortcake For Memorial Day

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Save yourself from high calorie sweets this Memorial Day weekend without feeling deprived by opting instead for vegan desserts! As a part of our vegan and gluten free Memorial Day weekend menu, we’ve created a vegan strawberry shortcake that’s low-cal and so tasty. Note: this patriotic, red, white, and blue dessert will also go over well with company for July 4th parties! This is one of our foolproof vegan desserts…

Need Nail Inspiration For New Years? Do Your Own Winter Wonderland Glitter Nails!

Need Nail Inspiration For New Years? Do Your Own Winter Wonderland Glitter Nails!

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Have you already tried all of the fancy winter nails like candy cane, snowman, snowflake, ombre, lace, caviar, plaid, Minx, and houndstooth?  Looking for something totally new and unique?  Here, we share one of our favorite, not so complicated manicures, that you can do yourself.  It’s easy to get a festive look all winter, without having to sport darker, jewel toned nails, typical of the winter season.  The “Winter Wonderland” manicure…


Pumpkin-Shaped Pumpkin Pie Spice Rice Crispy Treats – Easy Holiday Recipe!

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No matter how good or bad of a cook (or baker) you are, there is no reason to miss out on making easy, festive treats that get you and your loved ones into the holiday mood. Just because we shaped our yummy treats into pumpkins, doesn’t mean they’re for Halloween treat, they’re perfect for all of November, including Thanksgiving!  Our pumpkin spice rice crispy treat dessert (or snack) is easy…