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11 Thoughtful Valentine’s Day Gifts For Her – Guys Read This!

Valentine’s Day is this weekend gents…the pressure is on!  What thoughtful Valentine’s Day gifts for her should you get that will be memorable AND big enough so that she won’t think you’re a cheapo?  What should you do other than dinner, chocolate covered strawberries, and champagne?  Are chocolate kisses and iced cookies cliché? Fret not, as we answer all of these questions and more below and show you 11 thoughtful Valentine’s Day gifts for her.  From DIY Valentine’s treats to Valentine’s Day splurges, get inspired to give her a memorable V-Day gift she won’t ever forget!  Our thoughtful Valentine’s Day gifts for her were recently featured on Fox 5 News San Diego.

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11 Thoughtful Valentine’s Day Gifts For Her

1. Sunset Valentine’s Day Date

Watch the sunset and bring a few gifts with you to capture the experience. Hi Sweetheart Boutique in La Jolla has great Valentine’s Day gifts including a “Surprise Ball” — an adorable ball that she can unravel unveiling small gifts, notes and candy. Also buy pink sparklers at Hi Sweetheart Boutique and you will be ready for a picnic or sunset date in the outdoors. Don’t forget a bottle of wine or champagne!  Shop Valentine’s Day Gifts at Hi Sweetheart or visit store at 7920 Ivanhoe Avenue, La Jolla, CA 92037 | Call: (858) 729-1985

Valentine’s day date watch the sunset picnic

2. Cookies and Milk

Valentine’s day cookies served with milk in a mason jar with a red or pink straw will make her smile, especially if it’s for breakfast or a Saturday snack. Serve the cookies on a special cookie tray that she can use as a key or change tray in the future. Shop Valentine’s Day Gifts at Hi Sweetheart or visit boutique on 7920 Ivanhoe Avenue, La Jolla, CA 92037 | Call: (858) 729-1985

Valentine’s Day gifts for breakfast

Decorate heart cutout cookie for V-Day

3. Sporty Scarf

The lululemon “Vinyasa” scarf is an amazing infinity scarf for workouts, casual wear and chilly evenings out for dinner. See a video that shows 10 ways to wear the vinyasa scarf.

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Valentine’s Day scarf for fit girlfriend at lululemon

4. Anti-Aging Gift

Don’t get your wife a membership to a gym, because that could send the wrong message.  However, a Valentine’s Day package including personal training, anti-aging, and B12 “Rockstar” shots will be a well received gift.  Call the La Jolla Wellness Studio to schedule at (858)-444-0340.

5. Teddy Bear and Valentine’s Day Flowers

You can never go wrong with a beautiful flower arrangement and an adorable teddy! Shop for flowers at Bloomers Flowerst | 7520 Eads Ave, La Jolla, CA 92037 | 8584543913

6. DIY Valentine’s Day Treats

Take a Pretzel Crisp, layer with a heart shape Peep, and a chocolate heart. Arrange on a platter or package in a cellophane bag and a ribbon.  Kiss me S’more!

7. Another DIY Valentine’s Day Treat

Flatten a Starburst or roll flat with a rolling pin or steel water bottle.  Then, cut out a heart using a heart-shaped cookie cutter.  Place the heart on a Reese’s Cup and package in cellophane bag with ribbon.

DIY one minute valentines day treats

8. Heart Compression Socks

Compression socks are great for traveling, preventing puffiness in legs, and to recover from workouts and running.  Heart printed socks are always fun for girls when being cozy at home!

SHOP Heart Printed Marvy Compression Socks

Marvy Compression socks for Valentine’s Day

9. Diamond Necklace

Dazzle her in diamonds for Valentine’s Day with the “Riviera” Necklace. Consisting of 23.3 ct of rare pink, white and yellow diamonds, this unbelievable piece is available at CJ Charles Jewelers, the premiere San Diego jewelry store.

CJ Charles Diamonds boutique la jolla valentines day jewelry

10. Florals In A Conversation Hearts Vase

Put a skinny vase inside of a larger vase and fill the larger vase with conversation hearts.  Then, place your bouquet of flowers in the center vase with water. How amazing is that?

Conversation hearts vase for Valentine’s Day

11. Customization Package For Her Car

Even if your wife drives a nice car, like a Mercedes or BMW, chances are there are other people that also have the same car in the same color.  Why not make her car unique by making small exterior customizations.  The cost of these customizations can similar in price to buying a designer handbag. Not Bad, eh?!  You can change the look of a car dramatically with just small body changes. Ready to customize her car at HG Motorsports? Call 6195048140.

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