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Valentines Day Ideas: DIY Heart Confetti And Strawberry Martini

With Valentine’s Day only a few days away, it is crunch time to come up with romantic Valentines Day ideas, but sweat not, try making heart confetti and a Strawberry Martini!  Whether you will be spending the evening with girlfriends or your significant other, you’ll find this V-Day inspired DIY heart confetti and easy-to-make Strawberry Martini very cute and tasty.  As an added Valentines Day idea, distinguish the Strawberry Martini for the lady with a red straw and for the man with a Mr. mustache.

Before heading out for your evening plans, whip up our special 3-ingredient Valentine’s Day Strawberry Martini.  Then, hurry up and make your own heart confetti to decorate the tabletop.  My beau and I will definitely be sipping on 1 or 6 of these bad girls at home, decorated with my special heart confetti, made by me!  If you’re still looking for Valentines Day ideas or gifts for your man, see the ultimate Valentine’s Day men’s gift guide here. If you are still looking for a gift for her for Valentine’s Day, see here, but you better order today!

Valentines Day Ideas - Strawberry Martini decorated with Heart Confetti

Valentines Day Ideas – Strawberry Martini decorated with Heart Confetti

Strawberry Martini Recipe:

1 ½ oz. Vodka

1 packet of Wild Strawberry Crystal Light

Splash of Sprite

Extra: For a little more fiz, add crushed jolly ranchers & top off with champagne

*The ingredient amount can be changed to your liking.

Heart Confetti DIY:

What you’ll need: paint samples (free from any major home improvement store) and a heart-shaped hole puncher (mine is Martha Stewart brand, found at Michaels. Here is a similar one.)

Punch the paint sample and watch your hearts appear. Yes, it’s really that simple and yes, it’s really that cute.

Valentines Day Ideas - Strawberry Martini decorated with Heart Confetti

Punch heart confetti out of paint sample strips with heart puncher

heart shaped confetti decorates red cocktail valentines day 2

Make the confetti into a coaster shape for the martini glass and place a straw in it for the lady.

strawberry martini valentines day cocktail diy 5

Place a mustache accessory on the guy’s glass to distinguish from yours.

Happy Valentine’s Day! xoxxo

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