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New Mom Workout Ideas: 4 Fat-Blasting Exercises That Include Your Baby

Previously a gym junkie, I’ve really had to think creatively to find a new mom workout that lets me both spend time with my new baby while also put my body to the test.  If I don’t get some form of physical movement during the day, I’m not nearly as present with my 3-month old, my husband, or my friends that I’d like to be.  For me, working out is a must – it makes me a better person and it leaves me feeling great – but working out with a little one can be quite challenging.  As a new mom, it can feel like you’ll never get the time and when you do get the time you’re so exhausted that you just want to nap or veg out – I hear you!

My approach to working out with a baby and blasting fat is exactly what it sounds like, literally a new mom workout and fat-blasting exercise that includes your baby! Getting your workout done while you’re both awake is the best way to make sure you both get your nap when the time comes.  Below are 4 of my favorite fat-blasting new mom and baby workouts!


New Mom Workout Ideas: 4 Easy Exercises That Include Your Baby

1. Run w/ Stroller –

This has to by my number one favorite new mom workout!  After giving birth, most of us are wanting to shed some of that baby weight, and intense cardio is one of the best ways to do this. There are some amazing baby joggers out there nowadays that make this form of exercise really easy for moms everywhere. When running or jogging with a stroller, it’s in your best interest (and your waistline’s) to find a great area with hills to run up and down, rather than in the city where fumes and toxins are harmful for you and baby.

Tip: start with one mile and take it easy. Work your way up to a 4 mile jog and you’ll be feeling and looking amazing!

New Mom Workout - Mother running with baby in stroller on city bridge

Take a run with your baby and stroller

2. Lunge & Squat With Baby In Sling –

You can do these with baby, but you must be careful and be very confident in your body. I wouldn’t recommend trying these until your baby is at least 3 months old and you have your balance and muscle strength back. Once you do, it’s super effective and your baby acts as your form of weight.

Tip: Put your baby in a sling of your choice (I personally love the K’Tan), find a flat spot, and do 4 sets of each with 15 reps. Eventually work your way up to 6 set with 20 reps.

Working Out with Baby_Lunge

Lunging with your baby | Photo credit: Ergobaby

3. Take a Hike With Baby In Sling –

Hiking is an amazing workout as well as a great way to get your baby out there to see nature. I love putting my little one in the Ergo and taking him on a hike. This is a great thing to do with other mamas, get the baby’s in the slings, and start up the hill! I like to get in at least a 4 mile hike whenever I go.

Tip: If you’re still recovering from birth, remember to take it slow, listen to your body, and always bring water!

Working Out with Baby_Hiking

Take a hike with your baby!

4. Strengthen Abs With Baby In front Of You –

Yes, working your abs can be a wonderful new mom workout with your baby! Get started with sit ups and plank, see below.

SIT UPS. Sit on a yoga mat with your knees bent and feet flexed under a piece of heavy furniture such as a couch. Place your baby in your lap facing you, his/her head and back resting against your thighs, and hold him/her securely. Rock back a few inches until you feel your abdominals tighten. Hold the pose for 15 seconds before slowly returning to starting position. Do 3 reps of 10.

PLANK. Start on your hands and knees with your baby on his/her back underneath you. Bring down your forearms to the floor; shoulders should be directly above your elbows. Slide your knees back about one foot, keeping your back flat and your abs held tight. Hold the pose while you chat with your smiling baby! Work up from 20 seconds to 2 minutes.

Working Out with Baby_Plank

Hold a plank while talking to your baby | Photo Credit: Baby Boot Camp


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Summer Sanders has long had a passion for holistic health, fresh foods, and fitness. She trained at the Matthew Kenney Academy and eventually took a job with the school as a raw food instructor in Santa Monica. She now runs a whole food cleansing and health consulting company called Radiantly Raw Lifestyles. She is a certified personal trainer, weight management coach, prenatal exercise coach, and fitness nutrition specialist with National Academy of Sports Medicine. Summer has just finished her first raw food lifestyle book that is due out Mid 2014 with Vegan Heritage Press. You can find her on Instagram @RawFoodLove

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  1. Jessie

    SO love that you’re encouraging new moms to get active! If I could give a bit of advice though…I’m a pre/postnatal exercise specialist and highly caution against running, sit-ups, and front planks for those returning to exercise. They can be damaging to the abdominal, pelvic floor, and diastasis recti. Just hate to see anyone end up further behind when they’re putting in the effort! 🙂


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