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Dracula Dentures Are Gross Halloween Party Treats – How To Make Them

Going to a Halloween party on October 31st?  Need to bring a treat that will shock guests and make your host proud?  Dracula dentures are the PERFECT Halloween dessert, because not only are they tasty, but they’re also scary to look at and will probably draw a crowd. Not only do they have great visual appeal, the dentures require no baking and you can easily do it yourself in no time.

Dracula Dentures For A Gross Spectacular Halloween Party Treat

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Below, we’ve provided for you the recipe for Dracula Dentures, what materials you will need, and the only 5 ingredients required.

TIP: Don’t forget to bring Dracula dentures on a platter with a toothbrush (make sure it’s new), you’ll totally gross out partygoers!  Or, you can just leave them in an empty fridge and shock guests that open it!

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How To Make Dracula Dentures

Servings – Makes 12 Dentures


– Spoon, Knife, Bowl, Cutting Board, and Party Platter – Shop an awesome Halloween platter here


– 1 container Vanilla Icing (we used Betty Crocker Rich & Creamy Cream Cheese Frosting)

– Red Food Coloring

– 12 Regular Sized Chocolate Chip Cookies (store bought or homemade)

– 1 small packet of Slivered Almonds

– 1 small bag of Regular Sized Marshmallows

STEP 1: Scoop all icing out of frosting container into your bowl. Drop 5+ drops of red food coloring into the icing and stir completely until you have achieved the pinky/red gum color that you desire.  Set gum-colored icing aside.

Drop red food coloring into bowl of vanilla icing

Stir red food coloring into vanilla icing until you have gum-colored frosting

STEP 2: Place 1 chocolate chip cookie onto cutting board and cut it in half with your knife.  Turn the cookie upside down and generously frost each half on the bottom of each cookie half.

Cut chocolate cookie in half with a knife

2 cookie halves will make 1 denture

STEP 3: Press two marshmallows into the front center of 1 cookie half to set up Dracula’s two front teeth.  Make sure the marshmallows are centered so that Dracula’s front teeth aren’t off to the side. Then, continue to line the perimeter of the cookie half with marshmallows, as a mouth of teeth.  Then, place the other cookie half on top of the cookie half that’s lined with marshmallows.  Do not press hard and make sure the cookie is aligned correctly.

Turn the cookie upside down and generously frost each half of the cookie on the bottom side

First create Dracula’s front teeth by place two marshmallows front-center of the cookie half

Line the perimeter of the cookie with marshmallows to represent Dracula teeth

Place the other frosted cookie half and position on top of the cookie half lined with marshmallows. Do not press hard.

STEP 4: Take two slivered almonds that are similar in shape and length and lie them next to each other. Cut the tips off so that only 1 side of each is now sharp.  The sharp side will be the bottom of Dracula’s fang.  Attach each slivered almond on the outside of Dracula’s two front teeth.

dracula dentures holiday treat

Place slivered 1 almond on each outer side of front teeth to represent Dracula fangs

dracula dentures

Dracula Dentures Are Gross And Easy Halloween Treat

Place a toothbrush next to Dracula Dentures To Gross Your Party’s Guests Out!

dracula vampire dentures

You can also display Dracula Dentures on a platter with a hand-written sign, as Emily Kolberg of The Stylemap showed.

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