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Diet Tips: 4 Post Workout Nutrition Rules To Boost Your Weight Loss

To maximize your workout capacity and ultimately your weight loss, it is vital to pay close attention to your post workout nutrition as well as how you fuel your body throughout the entire day.  The quality of food and the time at which you eat is important for weight loss, especially for those of you who exercise at a moderate or vigorous intensity.

post workout nutrition rules - what to eat after workout - green fruit smoothie

Post workout nutrition is vital for weight loss – try a green or fruit smoothie!

All of you have probably heard that breakfast is the most important meal, and that your meal choices after 6pm will decide the fate of your weight loss goals; however, in truth, everything you put into your body is equally as important, no matter the time of day!

Even more importantly, if you don’t refuel your body correctly following 60 minutes of intense exercise, not only will your next workout suffer, but the number on the scale will be less likely to budge!  We need to see results, ladies!

In order to make sure that you see those workout results and weight loss success, we’ve listed 4 post workout nutrition rules that will help you to shed that extra fat.


4 Post Workout Nutrition Rules To Boost Your Weight Loss

  1. Stay Hydrated – Water is a must. Heavy sweater or not, you lose a lot of water during exercise. Weight loss during exercise is the result of water weight and must be replaced after exercise. Keeping your body hydrated helps boost your metabolism during rest. Note: for every pound lost during exercise, drink 2-3 cups of water.
  2. Replenish Body Post Workout – Post workout nutrition is very important and therefore you must feed your body 30-60 minutes following-exercise. After an intense workout, your muscles are depleted of muscle glycogen. Replenishing your glycogen stores following exercise speeds the recovery process and provides your body with energy for future workouts. Note: more energy increases your body’s ability to burn more calories.
  3. Eat Easy-To-Digest Foods Post Workout – This rule correlates with Rule #2. Choose easily digested foods post-exercise. In order to replenish your glycogen stores, the body must digest something that can be broken down quickly. A green and/or fruit smoothie is an excellent choice after exercise, as liquid calories are digested much quicker than whole foods. Use plant-based milk (coconut, almond, hemp, or flax milk), greens, frozen berries, cinnamon, and a half scoop of vegan protein powder.
  4. Limit Your Fat Intake – A high fat meal following exercise slows your blood vessels ability to deliver nutrients to the muscles.  If the goal after exercise is to deliver nutrients to the muscles as fast as possible, then easily digested foods such as fresh fruit must be consumed (see Rule #3). Note: high fat foods such as avocados and nuts are calorie-dense which increases your risk of consuming more unnecessary calories.

About The Author

Chris Dorka is a certified Personal Trainer and Strength & Conditioning Specialist in Columbus, Ohio. Chris works for The Wellness Forum and trains a broad range of clients at The Wellness Forum's private gym. He earned his Masters Degree in Exercise Science & Health Promotion from Florida Atlantic University, and his Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology & Health from Miami (Ohio) University. Chris has worked as a personal trainer for over 4.5 years. His experience includes 1-on-1 adult, sports performance, post rehab training, and group fitness. Throughout his training career, Chris has worked with hundreds of clients, including young-middle aged adults, children, and athletes of all levels. Chris is a plant-based trainer who believes body transformation and weight loss are accomplished through hard work, diligence, and proper progression. Furthermore, Chris promotes a whole food plant-based diet rather than an eating regimen of numerous dietary supplements that promise a “shortcut to health & fitness.”

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