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Must-Know Diet Tips To Meet Your Weight Loss Goals

For most, a New Year’s resolution not only includes getting in shape, but also changing your eating habits with a few diet tips.  After a month of holiday treats and cocktails, it is especially necessary to cleanse your diet and start fresh.  With hundreds of fad diets populating the media, one would think that changing your diet in a day would be easy, however, it’s not so easy as taking a diet pill or living on liquid juice.  The long term success rate for most of these fad diets is extremely low because they’re almost impossible to maintain for more than a month. The key to success is through consistency and we’ve got some easy to follow diet tips for your weight-loss goals.

We recommend that you instate a lifestyle change with healthy habits this year, rather than to adopt a temporary fad diet that’s simply not sustainable.  The good news is that there are very easy changes to be made for developing healthier eating patterns.  Below, we’ve listed 4 easy diet tips to jump start your dietary goals and actually succeed at your weight-loss goals this year!


Diet Tips To Help You Meet Your Weight Loss Goals

1. Reorganize your kitchen – Ridding your kitchen of treats and processed food will leave you less inclined to feed those unhealthy habits. Start to detox your kitchen and replace your new found empty space with healthy options such as fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and legumes.  Make sure to place these foods in visible locations, such as the front of the fridge and pantry.
2. Pack your lunch – Preparing your lunch each day allows you to know exactly what is in your meal.  It’s easy to consume many more extra calories while eating out and not even know it.  Although a dish may sound healthy, be careful of those hidden oils and sugar prepared in the food or salad dressings.  Play it safe and prepare your own food for the work day. Try this detox salad recipe!

diet tips - plant based packed lunch

Pack Your Own Healthy Lunch | Photo Credit: Oh She Glows

3. Cook one day for the whole week –  The biggest excuse for not eating healthier is a lack of time to cook throughout the week.  Forget cooking every night!  Take a couple hours over the weekend and prepare your food for the entire week.  Cut up fresh fruits and vegetables and baggy them separately, and pick three healthy 30-minute recipes that yield multiple servings.  Try these baked sweet potato slices!  The only time requirement throughout the week will be heating up each meal. Easy!

Photo Credit: Cooking For The Four Of Us

Organize meals and vegetables in their own containers for the entire week | Photo Credit: Cooking For The Four Of Us

4. Do your restaurant research before going out to eat – You can go out and enjoy a healthy meal without feeling guilty. Check out these healthy eating out tips.  Before picking a restaurant, do your research and make sure their menu has a dish that fits your dietary patterns.  Just go to the restaurant’s website and you will be sure to find a full menu.  Once at the restaurant, don’t be afraid to tell the waiter of your dietary preferences!


About The Author

Chris Dorka is a certified Personal Trainer and Strength & Conditioning Specialist in Columbus, Ohio. Chris works for The Wellness Forum and trains a broad range of clients at The Wellness Forum's private gym. He earned his Masters Degree in Exercise Science & Health Promotion from Florida Atlantic University, and his Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology & Health from Miami (Ohio) University. Chris has worked as a personal trainer for over 4.5 years. His experience includes 1-on-1 adult, sports performance, post rehab training, and group fitness. Throughout his training career, Chris has worked with hundreds of clients, including young-middle aged adults, children, and athletes of all levels. Chris is a plant-based trainer who believes body transformation and weight loss are accomplished through hard work, diligence, and proper progression. Furthermore, Chris promotes a whole food plant-based diet rather than an eating regimen of numerous dietary supplements that promise a “shortcut to health & fitness.”

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