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Weight Loss Tips: Beware The Dangers Of Eating Fruit For A Bikini Body

With summertime approaching and all of the fresh fruit in stores, you may find yourself quick to reach for that refreshing mango or mouthwatering pineapple, but is that really such a good idea? There has been a lot of talk lately about the high sugar content in fruit and whether or not it’s actually a healthy food that’s good for weight loss. Well, we have the weight loss tips you’re looking for and depending on your health and fitness goals, you may want to consider limiting your consumption of what some medical experts call “the ultimate health food”!

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Are fruits good for your bikini body? See below for our weight loss tips…

If you consume several servings of fruits on a daily basis, you are probably getting more than just your healthy does of nutrients. For example, if you have a banana with breakfast, an apple as a snack midday, and yogurt with berries for dessert, you will have consumed approximately 400 calories with 81% from carbohydrates and 46 grams of sugar!  Beware over-consumption of eating fruit as it can be detrimental to your health and fitness goals and ultimately your bikini body!  Click here to see how to transform your bikini body in just 7 days,

Below, we have weight loss tips that explain everything you ever wanted to know about sugar and what it does to your bikini body as well as which fruits to eat sparingly and which you can eat regularly.

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Weight Loss Tips: Beware The Dangers Of Eating Fruit For A Bikini Body

How Does The Body Process Sugar

Although sugars may be ingested in different forms (candy, fruit, carbohydrates) they affect the body in a similar way. Insulin is released, in proportion to the amount of sugar consumed, in an attempt to regular blood sugar levels. Insulin takes sugar from the blood and helps transport it to muscle, fat and the liver, for storage. That is the key point, insulin is a storage hormone, released when blood sugar rises. If insulin levels reach a certain point, they store the remaining sugar as fat. This is obviously not our goal. So how can you avoid that? Choose your fruits wisely.

Fruits To Eat Sparingly

Grapes, mangoes, apples and bananas have the highest amount of sugar and will spike your insulin level to an undesired level. What does that mean? Unless you’re preparing to run 10 miles, your body will store most of that “energy” as fat. And how does exercise help prevent that? Obviously you utilize energy when you exercise but exercise also increases the transport system (called GLUT-4 Transporters) to help bring sugar into the muscle to be utilized as energy. So, if you are an avid exerciser, you are not at as much of a risk as those who are less active.

Fruits To Eat Regularly

Berries (blueberry, blackberry, strawberry and raspberry) and grapefruit are lower in sugar content and therefore do not trigger your body to produce excess insulin. These fruits also provide nutrients such as antioxidants, vitamin C and fiber. These fruits are best when fresh and organic, to avoid pesticides and other chemicals. You can eat them raw, put them in a smoothie, or add them to your water for extra flavor. For more weight loss tips and how to transform your bikini body in just 7 days, click here.

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