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Getting PicoSure Laser Plus Before And After Colorescience ALL CALM

I had my first laser experience recently! Woohoo!! The PicoSure laser I received reduces pigmentation from the sun. Following the laser, the aesthetician treated my red skin with Colorescience ALL CALM Clinical Redness Corrector, which immediately soothed my skin, reduced swelling and inflammation, and took the redness away.

Like magic, I know! You can buy it here.

Colorescience ALL CALM for redness after PicoSure

After Colorescience ALL CALM was applied.

If you’ve got brown marks from the sun, acne scars, red skin and/or are interested in promoting collagen growth (who isn’t?), this article is for you!

First, I’m going to walk you through my experience with PicoSure Laser. Second, I’ll explain how ALL CALM Clinical Redness Corrector allowed me to go about my day without looking like I had gotten a laser procedure. Watch my laser experience below.

Why Get PicoSure Laser?

PicoSure laser is used to treat pigmentation in the skin, acne scars, and tattoo removal. I decided to get PicoSure because I have brown marks on my skin.

My goal is to have clear skin without redness and brown marks. Isn’t yours too?

When I was younger I had a lot of sun exposure. Even though my Mom would always tell me to wear sunblock and not tan my face, I did ūüôĀ

During the summers, I spent hours playing tennis in the sun. I swam and loved to lay out. I even went to the tanning bed in high school during my lunch break (OK, now I really am crying!).

After PicoSure Laser with redness - Dermacare Dr Birchall

Dr. Birchall of DERMACARE San Diego speaking with me after PicoSure laser.

Well, fast forward to now, I’ve got some brown marks on my skin. Believe me, I’ve learned my lesson! Whenever I leave the house I wear this visor to keep the sun off my face and I ALWAYS wear sunblock. In fact, a tinted moisturizer with sunblock added is ideal! I actually use ALL CALM Colorescience as my sunblock, redness reducer, and foundation. It’s full coverage, yet so natural looking.

Please, do yourself a favor and wear tinted moisturizer with sunblock EVERYDAY.

NOTE: Colorescience makes an entire line of makeup products with sunblock. This tinted moisturizer with SPF 30 is wonderful and this powder with SPF 50 is really nice for keeping in your purse. I also love this pressed foundation with SPF 20 for more coverage. You can easily reapply every few hours.

Why Use Colorescience ALL CALM Clinical Redness Corrector

Many times women are shy to get a procedure done. Makes sense. It’s a private thing. Which means it can be really tough to even get a procedure at all because of downtime. Some lasers may require 1 week of hiding in your house! I don’t know about you, buy I ain’t hiding in my house for 1 week.

I have a husband, family, career, and baby to take care of. LOL. So, no time for that.

Downtime is one reason I chose PicoSure laser — no hiding in the house because of peeling, red, obnoxious skin!

Don’t get me wrong, there is redness that happens. Which is where Colorescience ALL CALM comes into play.

I received PicoSure laser at DERMACARE San Diego, San Diego’s leader in laser and skin cosmetics. Not only do I go to DermaCare for PicoSure, I also go there for skincare, skin products, facials, microneedling, and more. They do it all and they’re good at what they do too!

Listen to our chat with Dr. Birchall of DermaCare on The Nubry Nude Podcast.

Okay, where was I? Right after getting the PicoSure laser, my skin was definitely red! And a little puffy. Nothing crazy, but enough to notice.

So here’s what happened next…

The aesthetician applied Colorescience ALL CALM to my face.  Even more about this product here. My skin was soothed immediately. It was really unbelievable! My face went from hot and inflamed to cool and completely neutralized. Yes! Like no redness whatsoever.

You would never know I had gotten a treatment after walking out the door.

DERMACARE aesthetician applies Colorescience ALL CALM to my face following PicoSure laser.

Things to Know about Colorescience ALL CALM

  1. Colorescience ALL CALM serves as a redness reducer because it has a green tint from chromium oxide that reduces red. Used regularly, ALL CALM will reduce redness over time.
  2. It’s non-comedogenic!
  3. Paraben-free!!!
  4. ALL CALM is a universal color and can serve as a primer. This means, you don’t need to worry about matching the color to your skin!
  5. ALL CALM should be used as the last step in your skincare routine. Follow ALL CALM with foundation and/or other makeup (I use ALL CALM in place of a foundation and follow it with Colorescience powder).

Shows the before (right) and after (left) ALL CALM has been applied.

In addition to being a product that is used to calm redness and inflammation following a laser treatment, ALL CALM can also be used on a daily basis.

It’s especially beneficial for those who have suffered with redness in the face and who have rosacea. Over time, ALL CALM will actually heal redness.

Pretty nifty!

In Conclusion + Special Discount

You can purchase ALL CALM online or buy it in person at DermaCare. If you have any skin pigmentation or redness problems, I highly recommend scheduling a consultation at DermaCare to see if you are a candidate for PicoSure laser, some skin types may not be. Either way, they’ll be able to come up with the right plan for your skin.

I was recently looking at photos of myself from before I got Pico, compared to now, and the difference is crazy! I had so much pigmentation before and now I have virtually none. So, from me to you, it really works!!

How many treatments of Pico should you get? It is recommended that someone get 3 treatments of PicoSure, 4-6 weeks a part for brown marks on the face. How much does PicoSure laser cost? IT’s $600/session at DermaCare.

Don’t worry,¬†I have a special discount. If you decide to get PicoSure laser at Dermacare, just mention Nubry and you’ll get 3 sessions of PicoSure laser for $485/session.

Any questions? Let me know!

xo, Gretchen




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