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Why Drinking Black Coffee Makes You Prettier And Slimmer

Do you wake up every morning thinking about your first cup of coffee as the top priority?  Does your coffee order need to be written down when someone else goes out and gets it for you? Would you turn down a cup of coffee if it had to be black?

Then let me explain to you why drinking black coffee is indeed better for you and anything but black is ruining your weight loss goals, skin, beauty and overall mood.

I’ve gone through many stages of coffee in my life, but never did I drink my coffee black until a few years ago.  Btw, best decision of my life.  In high school, I took my Panera hazelnut coffee with whole milk. In college I drank my Starbucks coffee with quite a bit of half and half, before turning to soy mistos, then lattes with 2% milk, and then coffee with half and half.

But now, I’m back to coffee black.

Yes, I demand drinking black coffee! Not only do I know it’s better for me, I also know that dairy and milk in my coffee is bad for me and makes me ugly! Bad for my complexion, bad for my waist line, bad for my wallet, and bad for my mood.

Read on for 8 reasons why drinking black coffee is the only way to go if you care anything about your beauty or what you look like.

drinking coffee black makes you prettier

1. Milk In Coffee Causes Bloating, Gas, And Stomach Aches

Okay, no thank you! Have you ever noticed that after drinking your latte or coffee with cream and sugar that you feel less slim than before? A little yucky feeling? Is your stomach not as flat as you’d like? This bloating is due to the dairy that you’ve added to your coffee. The only way around is to NOT put it in.

2. Drinking Black Coffee Is A No Calorie Drink

As opposed to a 16 oz skinny latte from Starbucks which has 113 calories and 15 grams of sugar, a 16 oz caffè latte from Starbucks which has 190 calories and 17 grams of sugar, or a 16 oz caramel macchiato from Starbucks that has a whopping 300 calories and 34 grams of sugar. Imagine if you have 2 in a day?! That’s most definitely an unnecessary daily calorie intake and will negatively affect any hopes of weight loss for darn sure. Just sayin’.

3. Drinking Black Coffee Is Cheap And So much More Relaxing

Imagine not have to spend $4.00 on a designer coffee concoction? Imagine not having to get mad at your waiter because they messed up on the proportion of milk to coffee ratio or didn’t foam your milk enough. Think about how much more relaxing it is to just say, “Coffee, black”. Oh, and last but not least, imagine not having to wait for your coffee to be created. A black coffee always gets first dibs in the Starbucks assembly line.

drinking black coffee quote4. Adding Dairy To Coffee Interferes W/ The Absorption of Chlorogenic Acid Into The Body

What’s Chlorogenic Acid? CGA is found in the green coffee bean and is believed to increase metabolism and slow down the absorption of fat from your regular food intake. Yes, coffee has some health benefits and is believed to actually aid in weight loss if consumed alone.  In other words, without your beloved dairy and sugar.

5. Your Coffee Should Not Taste Like A Creamy Milkshake

And if it does — causing you to enjoy not only one delicious coffee in the morning, but also another midday — then you’re making it taste too good. Making it taste too good will cause cravings throughout the day that you can’t seem to figure out why you have. See #6, below.

6. A Creamy, Sweet Coffee Increases Cravings For More Sweets

So, if you’re trying to lay off the afternoon sweets in the office and find it hard to say “no” to these types of things, then pay attention to your cup ‘o joe. Drinking your sweet and creamy coffee calories simply causes even more cravings, so not only are you consuming the added calories in your coffee, you’re going to be consuming additional calories from the additional junk you’ll consume throughout the daydue to that cup of yummy coffee. Try breaking up with it.

7. Dairy Milk Or Sugar In Coffee Triggers Acne And Inflammation

Ever notice that your face feels hot after having a tasty cup of coffee with milk? Do you have unwanted acne as an adult that you can’t seem to get rid of? Your body is probably reacting to the dairy in your diet or the milk and sugar in your coffee. IGF-1, a growth hormone found in cow’s milk, causes inflammation in humans, which leads to acne and swelling.  So, as cow’s milk will make a baby cow grow up big and strong, it will make your acne do the same. Eeeeek!

8. Adding Sugar To Coffee Spikes Insulin Levels Which Leads To Weight Gain

And just so we’re on the same page, 8 oz of milk has 13 grams of sugar…16 oz of milk has 26 grams of sugar (if you’re into the venti lattes). And we all know what happens when our insulin levels spike…our body stops burning fat and rather stores it.




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