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Easy Updo Hairstyles: Romantic Valentine’s Day Hair Tips

Valentine’s Day screams romance, and on a night where you need to dress to impress, your hair should be as enchanting as his smile. Try a pulled back hair do that exposes your gorgeous facial features and your blended to perfection make-up. Below is a simple tutorial containing a few techniques that can result in a number of easy updo hairstyles.

A soft, flowing hairstyle will keep your lover’s eyes on you all Valentine’s Day long. The method explained below can produce a number of different looks, it all depends on your trusty bobby pins. So get those creative juices flowing and let your hair do the talking!


How to Acheive Easy Updo Hairstyles For Valentine’s Day

easy updo hairstyles for Valentine's Day

Dianna Agron looking as elegant as ever with a romantic updo for the red carpet


To achieve a whimsical and elegant look, try curling your hair with a 1.5-2″ curling iron. By curling your entire head in separate sections, you will have a romantic texture throughout your locks. Try combing back your hair away from your face from around the top of your head to achieve body and fullness.

Next, simply start pinning each curl to the back of your head with a bobby pin, allowing them to intertwine with each other, creating a look that looks like a loose bun. The closer you pin the curls, the thicker your “bun” will be. This is where you have the freedom to build your hair how you want. Using this method you can create a few easy updo hairstyles. You can either spread the curls along the back of your head for a more formal updo, or keep the curls closely contained with each other for a simple date night look.

Hair Tip: Try to line the bun with your jaw line to create balance, which will look more flattering with your face.

To relax your look, and keep it from looking black-tie formal, lightly pull out a few pieces of hair around your face and above your ear to pull together your laid back romantic hairstyle.

If you have shorter hair that won’t pull back to the back of your head: try curling your hair and instead of combing your hair all the way back, pin back small sections of your hair from above your ear so you can expose your facial features that your valentine will want to admire.

When worrying about what to wear for a Valentine’s Day date, us girls forget to even think about how to style our hair. With easy updo hairstyles the romantic possibilities are endless to woo your date with beauty and charm.

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