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How To Achieve Big Bold Beautiful Eyebrows Like Keira Knightely

Have you ever gotten your eyebrows shaped and were amazed by the lovely improvement it made to your already good looking appearance? Properly shaped eyebrows can open up one’s eye area, frame and set off one’s eyes, as well as enhance one’s overall appearance, yet they are too often neglected or misshaped.

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The key to great looking eyebrows is to simply work with the natural shape of your brows.  There’s no sense in trying to force your brows into being something they are not.

Eyebrows that are too thin make the face look harsh or can emphasize a surprised expression, while eyebrows that are too thick or brows that have a uni-brow tendency look unkept and hide the eyes. It’s best to find the middle ground between these two extremes.

Shapely, big, bold brows were featured all over the runways and are on trend for summer 2012, as shown on Keira Knightley. Below, we show you how you can achieve beautiful bold eyebrows like Keira through the right shape for your face and grooming techniques.

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In order to get the best brow shape for your face, it’s helpful to seek the help of a professional. Estheticians and makeup artists are trained to identify the best brow shape for particular face shapes and features. Once you’ve had a professional brow shaping, it’s easy to maintain them on your own at home, if you so prefer.  Remember not to over tweeze if you are maintaing your own eyebrows and also note that your eyebrows are sisters, not twins (no 2 eyebrows are identical!). Follow the guide below to get the ideal brow shape.

Determine the best brow shape for yourself based on the proportions in your face


Tweeze stray hairs by holding the skin tight and pulling the hair out in the same direction of hair growth. If you prefer waxing or threading, set up your appointment exactly every 4 weeks. For a defined brow, fill them in with brow makeup. A wonderful product is Make Up For Ever’s Brow Corrector in No. 0 for blondes and No. 3 for brunettes. If you prefer a powder brow makeup, try Smashbox Brow Tech, it includes a brow wax to hold unruly brows in place. Blondes should typically choose a makeup that is 2-3 shades darker than their natural hair color while brunettes should go 2-3 shades lighter.

For a natural, yet defined look, apply brow makeup in short, hair-like strokes with a thin, angled brush such as MAC’s Small Angle Brush #266. Stay inside the lines of the brows, focus on sparse areas, and follow the natural direction of your hair growth working upward and outward during application. Next, use a spooly brush to comb over the eyebrows to soften the look and even out the color. We prefer cream and powder makeups over pencils for brows since they give off a more natural appearance when applied properly.

Make Up For Ever Waterproof Eyebrow Corrector

Smashbox Brow Tech


To achieve the bold eyebrow look, choose a brow makeup that is a shade darker than you would normally wear for a natural look, but apply it in the same way as described above. If you have thin eyebrows, let your brows grow in thicker by only tweezing hairs that fall outside your natural brow line.

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  1. The King

    The best way to do it is to not touch it, unless you have some in the middle…
    Just look at Keira’s picture, she didn’t “clean” it like 96% of the women in USA and that made hers look better than theirs. However, if she lessen the cleaning, it would look tons better.

  2. Lina Nguyen

    I like. this shape works a lot better than the pencil thin ones some women have

    • Gretchen Hackmann

      @f6ad22584b23d68b69ffdcbf69ba6154:disqus  Eyebrows are so wonderful! No longer are the days of waxing and plucking them off. They’re naturally fab!

    • Guest

      My Great Grandmother used to always compliment me on my eyebrows. I never understood when I was young…now I get it! 🙂


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