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8 Ways To Get A Clear Complexion

Having less than perfect skin is something we all stress about.  Now, while we can’t all have flawless skin, we can definitely strive to have a clear complexion!  Uneven skin doesn’t need to be something that we just put up with our whole lives.  Click here to see how to look younger in 1 hour.  Below, we’ve listed 8 ways to get a clear complexion.  Find out how to get clear skin by following our step by step guide and you’ll be on your way having skin you’ve always dreamed about!

Step 1: Get Your Diet Right

Have you considered that it could be your diet giving you an uneven complexion?  If you’re eating a lot of processed food or junk, it could be affecting the way your skin looks. Make sure you drink plenty of water and eat lots of vegetables and natural foods. Try cutting certain things out of your diet to see if that helps too — do this one food item at a time so you can be sure if something is really working. See how to live a detox lifestyle.

Get clear skin with our tips below.

Get clear skin with our tips below.

Step 2: Use an SPF Every Day

You probably think you only need to use an SPF on vacation, don’t you? Not true! Even on the cloudiest days the sun can damage your skin. Use a small amount of SPF and see if that makes a difference to your complexion. Try to get into a habit of it regardless of whether it makes a difference to your complexion or not.

The sun could be causing damage that you can’t even see. Try Shiseido Ultimate Sun Protection with SPF 50.

Step 3: Try Exercising

Exercise is a wonderful way to treat the body and rid your body of toxins. It fights off disease, keeps you slim, and can even help with skin problems. When you exercise, you look great and feel great in your clothes too! Just beware that you should wash any extra sweat off within half an hour of finishing your workout or your skin could get worse.

Step 4: Exfoliate

Exfoliating will get rid of any dead skin cells and instantly brighten up your skin. Follow the instructions on the packaging. You’ll usually need to do it a couple of times per week.

Step 5: Use a Whitening Mask

There are many masks that work well including Swiss Botany whitening cream mask. A whitening or brightening cream mask will help to make uneven patches on your face less noticeable with continued use over time.

Step 6: Try a Face Peel

If you’re still having no luck with products, you could try a face peel. You can have this done professionally, or buy a product to help you do it yourself. Face peels are used by people all over the world to look younger and improve the appearance of their skin.

Step 7: Use Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is said to be a great natural method for evening out skin tone. If you want to try something natural, lemon juice could be the answer. It lightens the hair, so why not the skin?

Step 8: Microdermabrasion

This treatment needs to be done by a pro, so make sure you do your research on salons in your area. It’s a deeper treatment than exfoliation, and should help your skin to feel brand new after just one treatment.

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