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How To Pose For Photos: 7 Picture Perfect Tips

With all the fun you’ll be having this summer, you’re sure to have plenty of photo ops along the way.  We’ve all heard those dreaded words “say cheese!” way too many times in our lives and we all hate them too.  Because, guess what?  Saying “cheese” actually gives one a super unnatural, frozen face effect…and it’s all yucky looking!  So we’re going to show you how to pose for photos so that all of your pics are flawless!  Before all those candids, selfies, and wedding pics happen this summer, make sure you know how to take the perfect pic, every time!  Below, we have a few photo posing tricks to ensure you look model ready every time!

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How To Pose For Photos

How To Pose For Photos

How To Pose For Photos | Photo Credit: Joel Berti

  1. Just before the photo, take a deep breath, relax, and smile as you exhale.  The deep breath/exhale technique will give you a much more natural smile.
  2. Think of something funny or if taking a group shot, make each other laugh!  The difference in your eyes from really smiling versus a faux smile is undeniable.
  3. Keep your chin slightly up, not all the way but about three quarters of the way, to help avoid a double chin situation.  No one loves those!
  4. Practice your pose in front of a full length mirror.  It may sound vain but watching yourself in different poses will help you understand which is best for you.  You may also want to study a few celeb poses for inspiration.  Best rule of thumb?  When posing for a photo try not to use a straight-on stance as others can add bulk to your frame.  Instead stand with one foot slightly back and your opposite shoulder pointed towards the camera.
  5. Let’s be honest, we all have a “good side” of our face.  Maximize that side by playing it up in photos.  If you prefer the right side, always ensure that this is the side closest to the camera, trust us!
  6. Don’t be afraid to ask the person taking that oh-so-gorgeous photo to hold that camera(phone) as high up as possible and then tilt slightly down.  By taking the photo from a higher angle your eyes will appear larger and the angle will make you look slimmer.
  7. Using the shade to your advantage will help avoid odd shadows and help soften imperfections.  It’s best to avoid taking photos outside in middle of the day sun as it is the most unforgiving.  The best time of day for for good light is first thing in the morning, when the sun is  not blasting and also at sunset when the golden light makes everything more beautiful!

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