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How To Stay Skinny All Winter Season Long

During the winter season, the combination of cold weather, shorter days, holidays, and layered outfits makes it quite easy to pack on a few unwanted pounds.  Learn how to stay skinny all season long with our must-know tips so that by the time spring roles around, you won’t need to frantically ask yourself “OMG, how will I lose these 5 pounds as quick as humanly possible?”.  Come March, April, and May, those clothing layers must undoubtedly come off and bikini season will soon follow.  So, we want to make sure that you know how to stay skinny and stay in fabulous, bikini body shape all winter long in order to avoid all that unnecessary stress when the warmer months arrive.  Together with a trusted, state of the art workout regimen from La Jolla Wellness Studio and nourishing diet, our tips below will show you how to stay skinny all season long.

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How To Stay Skinny All Winter

How To Stay Skinny - All Winter Season - Tips and Trick - La JOlla Wellness Studio

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1. Stay hydrated!  Carry a glass water bottle with you during the day and refill it when possible.  You won’t drink the water if it’s not in front of you.  Try to choose alkaline water as it is an antioxidant and converts free radicals in the body into oxygen.

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During a 20 minute iLipo treatment at La Jolla Wellness Studio

2. iLipo — this non-invasive laser available at La Jolla Wellness Studio literally melts away your fat during a 20 minute session (8 sessions are required during a 4 week period).  Choose to target hard-to-lose fat areas like the tummy, arms, butt, or thigh.  Following an iLipo session, you’ll be put through the Myometrix Method, a patented 30-minute workout that utilizes high intensity training and vibration therapy to aid in weight loss, caloric burn, detoxification, anti-aging and more.  See #9 for more details.  Note: For a free trial iLipo session, please send us an email and we’ll hook you up!  Or, call La Jolla Wellness Center at  (858)-444-0340 and mention Nubry for your complimentary trial.

Detox Salad with Cilantro Dressing

Detox Salad with Cilantro Dressing

3. Fill up on vegetables as they are satisfying, low calorie, and have little to no sugar.  Additionally, vegetables are filled with nutrients, antioxidants, and vitamins that our bodies need for survival and optimum health!

4. Practice good posture and tone abs + butt during the day while you sit at your desk or when you’re driving.  Think about tucking in your pelvis and sitting up straight and you will be firming your tough spots all day long, without the gym!

5. Eliminate sugar as much as possible! Sugar is 50% fructose and when ingested into the body, turns to fat immediately. Ahhhh! So when you’re about to grab for that cookie, candy bar, or even dried fruit, think again.

6. Choose vegetables over fruit as fruit is filled with sugar…and you know what sugar does. Veggies, on the other hand, have little to no sugar and are high in fiber — ideal for weight loss and satisfaction.

7. Get enough sleep! Skimping on sleep sets your brain up for bad decisions.  When you’re tired, your sleep-deprived brain may have trouble saying no to poor food choices.

8. Don’t use pre-packaged salad dressings as they are filled with preservatives and low quality oils e.g. Sunflower, Canola, Vegetable, and Soybean Oil.  Try making your own salad dressing from scratch so you know exactly what you’re eating.  Click here for our detox salad and cilantro dressing recipe.

vegetable soup recipe - detox and weight loss - turmeric 3

Try this soup for weight loss and also because it tastes great!

9. Myometrix Method at La Jolla Wellness Studio — a high intensity workout with vibration therapy. More muscle fibers are activated with vibration sound therapy than in normal exercise and in the short term one will notice improved circulation. The vibrations work your muscles exponentially more than regular workouts — 20 to 50 muscle contractions per second — increasing the speed of blood flow in your body.  This 30 minute workout removes excess body fat, cellulite, and lower back pain, increases pelvic strength, and balances hormonal system for increased tissue strength and firmness.  Myometrix training sessions work several ways to dissolve excess body fat.  Initially, metabolism increases which burns calories more rapidly and then blood circulation and lymphatic drainage are increased, thereby removing toxins from the body faster.

10. Eat soups that are filled with vegetables and cooked in broth as they are low calorie, high fiber, and very filling.  Beware of cream-based soups, high-sodium, and high sugar content. e.g. tomato soup.  Lastly don’t buy canned soups, make your own! Click here for our detox soup recipe.

11. Stock your fridge and pantry with healthy, nourishing foods.  Do not bring anything into your kitchen that you wouldn’t want to eat in order to avoid temptation!

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