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Beauty Products With Probiotics For Skin Is A Thing

Lauren Conrad has been applying a greek yogurt mask to her face for years for its probiotic benefits. How does this work?  Probiotics or live cultures found in yogurt are known to reduce inflammation and wrinkles when applied directly to the skin.  Now with the help of celebrity doctors, beauty products formulated with probiotics for skin is a thing and they can be found in hydrating creams, exfoliating masks and serums.  No more yogurt face!  From sauerkraut, miso, and kefir to apple cider vinegar, yogurt and kombucha, we healthy gals have been raiding the Whole Foods aisles for years for probiotic supplements and foods that keep our guts healthy, which in turn aid in efficient digestion keeping us looking good from the inside out.  probiotics for skin - tula beauty productsWhile knowledge about gut health and the correlation with beauty has been around for decades, the anti-inflammatory effect seen directly from products being used with probiotics for skin is only now becoming mainstream. By keeping the bad bacteria on your skin under control, you will not only decrease inflammation and acne, you’ll also prevent aging and wrinkles.

Exercise, sleep, and diet all play crucial roles in giving ourselves the balanced life we deserve. With TULA we have taken the the same good-for-you ingredients that keep our insides healthy and applied them to a product line that nourishes our skin. — Dr. Raj, Gastroenterologist and Health Expert

Tula is a beauty line of probiotics for skin created by Dr. Roshini Raj.  The Tula hydrating cream and serum is light and feels great on the skin.  Shop our favorite Tula beauty products with probiotic technology below.

Shop Tula Probiotics For Skin

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