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This 1 Trick Will Help You Take Better Selfies

Selfies are so commonplace now.  Yes, it took a little while to come out of our selfie shells, but thanks to Kim K and sis Kylie Jenner, they’re now commonplace and the somewhat awkward lip puckering slash head tilt can be seen anywhere from the solo Starbucks customer to the passenger next to you on the airplane to the driver in traffic, #trafficmademedoit.  Now that we’re out of the closet, in the selfie sense, it’s time to take our selfies to the next level…with a selfie stick. Like, stop with the 30 selfie takes before getting the perfect shot. Waste of time and borderline embarrassing…yes, there’s undoubtedly someone watching all the madness, #noselfiecontrol.

selfie stick better photos- selfie on a stick

A selfie stick will drastically improve your self-snapped photos. | Photo Credit: Valerie Kon for Locale Magazine

Now you can get the best angle and best lighting in just 1 shot with our new favorite gadget, the selfie stick.  Scroll down for pros and cons of using a selfie stick. is leading the selfie stick craze with 3 models to choose from: the classic, bluetooth, and wired models. We hear the Wired model is the way to go as you simply plug it into your phone and snap pics from the button at the bottom of the stick as opposed to using the camera timer or a separate bluetooth remote.  Note: works with most hand held devices including: iOS devices (iPhone, iPod, iTouch & More), Android devices (Samsung Galaxy & more), Digital Cameras, and Go Pros.


#ButFirstLetMeTakeASelfie W/ The Selfie Stick

How To Use It (Wired Model): place your phone in the clamp, plug wire into headphone jack, open camera app, extend selfie stick, pose, and click the button at bottom of selfie stick to snap the photo!


  • Better pictures
  • Better control over your angles
  • Everyone in the group can get into the photo, #Wefie (instead of #selfie)
  • Lowered risk of having a stranger steal your phone when asked if they’ll take your pic
  • Video yourself without looking like you’re videoing
  • Prettier snapchats


  • you might look like a tourist
  • you will look like “one of those people”

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