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What is My Skin Type And Makeup Products To Use On Your Face

All of us women know that makeup is a great tool to boost our confidence and upgrade our daily look, but what most women don’t know is that our skin type, be it oily, combination, normal, acne prone, or dry actually determines the type of make-up products we should be using on our face.  You may be wondering, “what is my skin type” and “what products should I be using for my skin type”?  Not to worry, we’ve listed the 5 skin types below so that you can determine your skin type, plus read about which makeup products you should be using on your face.  In order to get flawless coverage and reduce blemishes that are actually caused by the wrong makeup product – yes your makeup could be the culprit of your bad complexion – you should choose makeup products that are tailored to your skin type.  Below, find the answer to what is my skin type? as we have described each of the types with recommendations of products to use.

Makeup Tip: if you don’t always want to wear foundation or makeup products for coverage, a great alternative is self-tanner as it can do wonders for adding a sun-kissed glow to your face as well as hide imperfections!  Try Beautisol’s “Need I Glow More” as it comes in a variety of different skin types.  Shop Beautisol’s Dry/Normal skin & Oily/Acne prone skin


What Is My Skin Type?

1. Dry 

Does your skin feel tight after you wash it or maybe even flaky? Products that moisturize and even out the skin are best for dry types. Creamy concealers, moisturizing foundations, and pressed powders are great to relieve dry skin and give a smooth, beautiful appearance. You should also keep a good moisturizer for whenever your skin needs it.

what is my skin type and products for face

2. Oily 

If your skin tends to be shiny and greasy, then it falls under the oily category. For oily skin, use a light texture concealer, oil-free foundation, and a long wearing loose powder to prevent blemishes and reduce oil and shine.

what is my skin type and products for face

3. Combination

Combination skin is tricky as it means your skin may be dry in some areas and oily in others. Use a rich moisturizer on the area of your skin that is dry and a toner or oil-managing powder on the area that is oily to create a consistent skin texture.

what is my skin type and products for face

4. Normal

A well rounded complexion that is neither oily or dry. Since normal complexion is typically clear, it is wonderful to be able to go au’ naturale with your skin and wear just a light moisturizer with SPF and a pretty blush during the day. If you desire a more even look to cover scars or redness, a light foundation is the best choice.

what is my skin type and products for face

5. Acne-Prone 

Skin that is prone to breakouts and blemishes. Mineral foundations allow acne-prone types to breathe which will reduce breakouts while also covering the imperfections.

what is my skin type - acne prone skin - products for face

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