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Does Miss Universe Eat or Starve? Secrets To A Pageant Body

Olivia Culpo is definitely gorgeous, and to prove that, the world voted her the most beautiful in crowning her the new Miss Universe. Beauty can be natural,  but a rocking bikini body takes work! Olivia’s chiseled body was pretty amazing in the competition. About food she never eats, Olivia said,

The sugar will go straight to your butt! – Olivia Culpo

olivia culpo miss usa pageant body

Olivia Culpo shows off her chiseled abs during Miss USA in the swimsuit portion of the competition.

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Read on to find out what sugars she’s talking about!  According to Shape magazine, here’s What Miss USA 2012 Eats Almost Everyday.  Olivia has been rumored to be a fat kid when she was younger, but whether that is an exaggeration or not, I’m not so sure.

Even when she was modeling for Karmaloop in Boston, she did not have the body she has now.  How did she take her body from Boston cute to GQ sexy? A lot of exercise and small, portion-sized, low carb, high protein meals/snacks throughout the day. She eats healthy meals every 2-3 hours.  For more interesting facts about Olivia, see an interview here.

Below, we outline how Olivia maintains a low carb, high protein diet and how she exercises her multimillion dollar body!

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Olivia Culpo’s Diet and Workout Plan To Be Bikini Body Ready

Olivia Culpo’s Pageant Diet –

Snacks: almonds, Light and Fit Dannon yogurt

Meal Replacements: Special K protein bars

Favorite Vegetables: sweet potatoes with cayenne pepper and steamed vegetables

Favorite Fruits: Pineapple to reduce swelling and bananas to calm nerves

Splurges: Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and Reeses peanut butter cups

Absolute No-Nos: Stay away from liquid calories! Juice is a killer. Olivia says, “The sugar will go straight to your butt”

Olivia Culpo’s Pageant Workout –

Resistance training (lifting weights) – 3 times per week

Cardio (Zumba or running) – 3 times per week

 Olivia Culpo’s Bikini Body Before Winning Miss Rhode Island 2012

Olivia Culpo Modeling fatter bikini Karmaloop body 2011

Olivia Culpo’s Bikini Body At Miss Universe 2012

Olivia Culpo Bikini body 2012 Miss USA


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