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17 Tips And Tricks On How To Look Pretty For The Holidays

The holiday season is for falling in love, spending quality time with family, pretty sparkly things, fur boleros, and a peppermint martini.  Check out our tips on how to look pretty — we mean extra, extra pretty — before jumping into your party dress and putting on your routine makeup for holiday parties!  We’ve also included some tricks on saving time during the holiday season (because there’ just so much to do) and how to have perfect holiday etiquette.  These tips were featured in LOCALE Magazine’s Holiday 2014 issue: How To Beautify Relax and Celebrate the Holidays in Style.

17 Tips On How To Look Pretty

1. Blondes should refresh their hair color with auburn hues. Click here to see top beauty spots in La Jolla. See The Strand On Prospect if in La Jolla – 8584545444 for fab highlighting.

2. Brunettes should get a deep conditioning hair treatment for glossy strands

3. Try out a thick fringe or long, wispy bangs for a more youthful, playful look.

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17 Tips On How To Look Pretty For Holiday Parties Beauty tips and tricks

How To Look Pretty For Holiday Parties. Art: Shane Bowden Gallery in La Jolla. Photo credit: Matt Doheny for Locale Magazine

4. Spray tan for a slimmer look instantly.  More tips to Stay Pretty During the Holidays in Under 30 Minutes.  If in La Jolla, visit Brow Lounge 858-459-9800.

5. Make your nose look slimmer by putting bronzer on both sides of your nose, and powder on the top of your nose. A Kardashian favorite beauty tip!

6. Berry kissed lipstick — always stunning during the holidays.  See Cos Bar if in La Jolla – ask for Christine, she knows lips!

7. Not a deep color lipstick type? Give it a try at least…but if you stick to your lipgloss, then make sure you have a dramatic eye.  See #8 & #9.

8. Wear Charcoal liquid eye liner for a fab cat eye.

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CJ Charles Jewelers la jolla holiday jewelry chanel panerai

Enhance your eyelashes with spider mascara! And, wear your best jewelry | wearing CJ Charles Jewelry

9. Spider mascara for Twiggy lashes — apply on both top and bottom lashes. See Katherine Cosmetics – Launching on December 18th in Cos Bar in La Jolla.

10. Pretty pink blush on the apples of your cheekbones.

11. Practice your poses so your holiday party photos aren’t a bust. Test out your best angle in the outfit you are wearing.

12. Workout a little bit. This isn’t the new year yet, but a little exercise will alleviate stress and not make you a stranger to working out. Have you tried  La Jolla Wellness Studio’s 30 minute workout?

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Working out during holidays your buddhi yoga la jolla Land rover san diego

Working out during holidays…just a little (#12) and always have a car wash (#15) | Range Rover Evoque: Land Rover San Diego

13. Never go un-manicured, but a polish change will save you time. You don’t need a full manicure every time you paint your nails, plus it’s less expensive. Visit the nail bar at Duty Free City in San Ysidro to get a quick polish change while you are holiday shopping…for yourself;) This is a fragrance and beauty mecca!

14. Get a makeup consult. Even if you just buy one new product like a new lipstick, lip-liner or liquid eyeliner, it will make you feel amazing.

15. Car Wash is Mandatory!  Your car is part of your look and determines your pretty factor. You gotta drive the coolest Range Rover Evoque from Land Rover San Diego and show it off!
16. Get a new bra!  If you don’t have a great strapless bra or comfortable, supportive, breast-enhancing brassiere, you won’t feel pretty and won’t look your best. Click here to see bra replacement tips.  A quick visit to Nordy’s will solve that. Take your holiday dress with you to make sure the bra works with the dress.

17. Without appropriate etiquette, a pretty girl isn’t so pretty!  Review 23 Hilarious Party Etiquette Tips For the Season.

18. Have a healthy cocktail and stay clear of the desserts and cheeses.  Click here to find out how to stay skinny all winter long and here for our grapefruit martini recipe. For more info about healthy eating during the holidays, see our 7 Healthy Eating Tips during the holidays.

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