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Festive Tabletop Decor: How To Make Holiday Sunbursts With Gold Sparkle

Looking for decorations to get you into the holiday spirit, to host a festive cocktail party, or to decorate your X-Mas tabletop?  This easy DIY project will help you create decorations that you can use for all of these purposes and maybe even start a little dinner table conversation. The gold “sunburst” serve as festive decor that will go with other gold decorations you have.

Place gold, sparkle “sunbursts” on cocktail tray for a unique holiday decoration

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These decorations will even look great on your cocktail serving tray or on the bar as a lovely little detail.  Be sure to keep these sunbursts throughout the holidays because they will be a perfect addition to your New Year’s Eve celebrations! Then, store and save these decorations for next year.

Editor’s Note: KC You There is a full service event management and public relations agency. Owner, Karina Lopez, who also writes for lifestyle blog,, specializes in DIY’s, home and style.

How To Make Holiday Sunbursts For The Holidays


  • Styrofoam balls
  • Flat toothpicks
  • Gold Glitter
  • Gold Spray paint
  • Coffee filter
  • Mod Podge / glue
  • Newspaper
  • Plastic gloves
  • Skewer

STEP 1: Divide the Styrofoam balls in half.  Half will be spray painted, and the other half will be glitterized. Place the Styrofoam ball on the head of the skewer. Spray paint the ball until fully covered (Due to the chemicals, do this outside as opposed to an enclosed location)

STEP 2: Spread the tooth picks onto the newspaper and also spray with spray paint. Here is where you’ll need your gloves as you may need to hold down the toothpicks from blowing away.

STEP 3: Pour glitter into one coffee filter for easy access. Do the same with the Mod Podge/glue.

STEP 4: With the other set of Styrofoam balls that you want to glitterize: Place the Styrofoam ball on the head of the skewer. Dip the ball into the glue and fully cover in glue. Dip the glued ball into the glitter and keep spinning it in the glue until fully covered. Let the balls dry.

STEP 5: Place the flat toothpick sticks into all of the Styrofoam balls and your sunburst is created.

For tabletop decor, place with pine cones and burlap table runner

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