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DIY Halloween Decorations: How To Make Apple Candles

There are plenty of ways to decorate your living space during Halloween, from carved pumpkins, tombstones, and lights, to candles and candies and apple candlesHalloween and other fall holidays like Thanksgiving are fast approaching; although I am never one for “spookifying” my condo, I do enjoy the festivities.  “Apple votives” – using an apple as the candle base – are very pretty, festive, and smell wonderfully.

Apple Candles for Thanksgiving or Halloween - DIY Halloween Decorations

Apple Candles Are An Easy Decoration For The Holidays!

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The best part of making your own apple candles is that they are really easy to do, inexpensive to create, and make a great conversation piece.

Practice making apple candles for Halloween and you’ll be a pro by the time it’s Thanksgiving decoration time!

DIY Halloween Decorations: How To Make Apple Candles


Large red apples (that sit flat naturally); the bigger fatter apples are preferable

Tea Light scented candles – Click here to shop Tea Light Scented Candles

Paring knife

Ball point pen


Optional: lemon juice

Collect Materials: Tea Lights, Large Red Apples, Pen, Knife, and Lemon


Step 1. Wash apples and dry them with a cloth to make them shiny.

Wash apples before starting

Dry apples with a cloth to shine them up nicely for your candle display

Step 2. Place a tea light over the top of the apple and trace the circumference.

Place a tea light over top of apple and trace the circumference with a pen

Step 3. Take the knife and cut along the circumference line. Use a spoon to dig out the middle of the circle section. Cut off the stem of the apple with scissors. Optional: squeeze lemon juice into the cut area of the apple to prevent it from turning brown.

Cut the apple along the circumference line about the depth of each tea light

Spoon out the top of the apple to the depth of the tea light and then cut off the stem with some scissors

Step 4. Take the tea light out of any plastic encasing, and place in the hole of the apple.

Step 5. Repeat Steps 1-4 with each of the apples.

Step 6. Light the candles and display in the kitchen or on dining room table.

DIY Halloween Decorations

mmm, these DIY Halloween decorations smell so nice! I love the holidays!!!

Reusable: Store in the fridge for next time.

I recommend preparing these apple candles with your friends as a fun DIY Halloween decorations project this weekend.  These apple candles let off a wonderful aroma and will brighten up the mood in your living area for sure!  Tweet me pics @BrittHackmann or @nubry of your Apple Votives or other cool Halloween or Thanksgiving projects you do!

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