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5 Ways To Layer A Room For An Instantly Updated Home

Be it for walls, décor, accessories, fabrics or upholstery, knowing how to layer a room  is super important as it instantly can add style and appeal to your home.  Layers add depth and visual interest to a space with minimal cost and effort.  Serioulsy, just keep reading and we’ll show you some fabulous home decor DIYs.  In this article, we share five ideas for how to layer a room and add dimension to your living spaces by thoughtfully layering frames, patterns, textures and more.

1. Layer A Room With Frames On A Mantel To Add Dimension

Stacking multiple frames brings a new dimension to tabletops or mantels. Use large artwork as the focal point and gradually layer it with smaller framed items to create the look. Find framed paintings, landmark photos, paintings or typography with a similar aesthetic for a cohesive display. Below, a mix of artwork and photos decorates a chest of drawers.

how to layer a room with layered frames on mantel

Layer frames on chest of drawer or mantel for dimension | Photo Credit: Cuckoo 4 Decor

2. Stacked Pillows Add Style To A Couch

Layering pillows is an easy and affordable way to style your living room or bedroom. Consider the design and size of your couch when layering throw pillows and don’t compromise comfort for visuals. Use a Euro-sized throw pillow as the first layer, a standard size throw pillow in the middle and a kidney pillow last. You can create a similar effect by layering pillows on your bed.

stacked pillows on a couch are great to layer a room

Stack comfortable pillows of different size to add style to your couch | Photo Credit: Decorist

3. Arranging By Color Creates A Vibrant Wall

Add pops of vibrancy to bare walls by layering colors. Use accents in the same color family to achieve a consistent look or go with a rainbow of colors to create an eccentric conversation piece. You can easily arrange books by color to make your literature double as a beautiful layered display.

Arrange books by color to add vibrancy to wall

Arrange books by color to add vibrancy to a wall

4. Combining Textures Creates Coziness

Contrasting textures can add warmth and interest to your interiors. Pair a knitted blanket with a thick quilt and fluffy comforter to give your bedroom a cozy ambiance. It doesn’t have to be overly complicated, as a plush faux fur layer on a flat weave rug can instantly transform the look of any room.

layered-rugs or contrasting textures

Layering rugs with contrasting textures adds warmth and coziness to a room | Photo Credit: The Fox & She

5. Layer A Room With Complementary Patterns To Spruce Up A Space

Patterned fabric is a budget-friendly way to spruce up your living spaces. Layer patterned blankets, comforters and pillows to transform a dull or flat bedroom. Add life to your living room with patterned throw pillows or rugs. When playing with patterns, go with noncompeting colors and add a solid one to keep things consistent.

complementary patterns add life to a room

Complementary patterns add life to a room inexpensively | Photo Credit: The Design Chaser

Add depth and coziness to your home the easy way with our layering ideas. Do you have any questions about layering at home? Ask in the comments below!

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