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How To Make Luxe, High-Fashion Pumpkin Decorations For Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving and the holidays are a wonderful time to decorate and enjoy the autumn colors, cinnamon, evergreen and rosemary scents, pumpkins and gourd decorations, and most importantly, to have have fun with friends and fam.  Decorating for the holidays does not have to break your bank, in fact we recommend making some DIY homemade thanksgiving decorations that will stun onlookers.  Below, we show you how to decorate pumpkins without carving them, but instead doing paper mache to create luxe pumpkins.

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We have decoupaged two different pumpkins using fashion magazines, scissors, and glue. The second fairy tale pumpkin has more defined grooves for a different look and includes shiny tacks as decoration. Each one can have its own character depending on if you are using architectural, fashion, food, or perhaps fishing magazines. The pumpkins become ornaments in your living room that you can place on a candle stand with candles surrounding it.  Pretty unique!  Our fashion pumpkins even have a plant sign in them with a fashion quote for extra quirkiness.

How To Create Luxe Pumpkins:


pumpkin (ghost pumpkin, regular pumpkin, or fairytale pumpkin)

shallow dish filled with water

Mod Podge Matte or Elmer’s glue

sponge brush


Newspaper or paper bags

Studs or thumb tacks

Pumpkin #1: how to decoupage a pumpkin

Step 1: Cut out magazine photos. Pick a theme and then choose pictures to cut out from magazines. For the fashion pumpkins, I chose elaborate furs, ornate jewels, and fancy patterns that are popular and trendy this season.

Step 2: Prepare the shallow dish with water and soak magazine cutout pictures so that they are supple to fit the contours of the pumpkin. Mix 1 part Mod Podge and 1 part water in a plastic cup.

Step 3: For the large images, cut them into a narrower piece so that they fit the contours of the pumpkin.

Step 4: Dip the sponge brush in the glue/water mix and brush the back of the magazine picture.

Step 5: Place the picture on the pumpkin and then sponge brush on top of the magazine picture. The glue mixture will look like white drops everywhere when wet.  When the entire pumpkin dries the white drops will disappear.

Step 6: If you cut an image in smaller pieces, then repeat step 4 & 5 with the other piece.  The image will look seamlessly as one .

Step 7: Continue putting all of the magazine pictures on the pumpkin until the entire surface area is covered. Let the pumpkin dry.  If you mess up a magazine picture because it becomes too saturated, just cover it with another magazine picture.  You will get better as you go! Have fun!!

I used a large croc handbag ad and cut it up into smaller pieces to create the top of the pumpkin

Pumpkin #2: how to decoupage and decorate a pumpkin with studs

Place thumb tacks or studded tacks into the crevices of the pumpkin or make a design around the decoupage.

Place in the living room on a candle stand

decorate with a candle arrangement

Place a fun sign with a fashion quote into the pumpkin, like it were a plant.



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2 Responses

  1. Stevie Wilson

    wow. great project. ? — since you have done this. What happens to the pumpkin (the real thing) that’s underneath the decoupage? Will it rot? will it sink as it dries up?
    I love the concept.. I am trying to figure out what I am missing on this one.. Also love your idea with the tacks. Upholstery tacks — beaten brass ones would be stunning if one were to do a color-based theme of red, green, black..
    just a thought!
    also I screwed up the stars.. I wanted to give you more stars but wound up doing something odd.

    • nubry

      Hi Stevie! I am glad you are inspired to do this. It is really fun to do with friends too! The pumpkin will eventually rot out, but not quickly. It will last through the holiday season until January for sure. Carving pumpkins does not last long at all, that is why this is a great option and it is not just for thanksgiving! These are great to keep around through the December holiday. I love your ideas with different tacks. There is lots you can do! Tweet us a photo if you decide to do this! Or post it on our facebook page! thanks and happy holidays!


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