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iLipo Giveaway ($2,300): Win Celebrity Weight Loss Treatments

The holiday season has most definitely arrived and that means pumpkin pie, spiced eggnog, too many adult beverages, and many more tasty treats!  With the holiday season also comes weight gain, less trips to the gym, and exhaustion.  Don’t let the holiday season get the best of you!  We’ve partnered with The La Jolla Wellness Studio to bring you an unbelievable holiday giveaway including iLipo treatments and MyoMetrix Method 30 minute workouts that will help you tone up and drop any unwanted weight … just in time for the New Year and just like the celebs do!  it’s true, iLipo is the celebrity weight loss secret!  See which leading ladies have seen success with it and enter iLipo giveaway below.

iLipo giveaway - la jolla wellness studio

Enter to win $2K of iLipo treatments from La Jolla Wellness Studio below! | Wearing lululemon | Photo Credit: Doheny Photography

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iLipo Giveaway Prize

There will be 2 lucky winners! Giveaway end Friday, December 5th at 11:59pm PST. Winners will be selected randomly and notified by email.

Giveaway Prize #1:  8 sessions of iLipo.  Each session of iLipo includes a personalized 30 minute workout with a personal trainer at La Jolla Wellness Studio. Prize Value: $2,000.

Giveaway Prizes #2: 10 sessions of personalized 30 minute workouts with a personal trainer at La Jolla Wellness Studio. Prize Value: $299.

Enter to Win iLipo

1 . Enter to win here (we’ll need your email to contact you if you’re the winner + receive extra entries by sharing)

2. Tweet “I just entered to win iLipo and 1 month of workouts from @LJWstudio & @nubry #lajolla #sandiego


What Is iLipo?

First, let’s talk about the very exciting and almost instant weight loss method called iLipoEnter for a chance to win a $2,000 iLipo treatment + 10 personal workout sessions from La Jolla Wellness Studio.  Cosmopolitan Magazine called iLipo “the beauty game changer” and stars like Jessica Alba and Khloe Kardashian have been rumored to be doing iLipo.  iLipo is an intelligent, non-surgical, and totally non-invasive treatment that gets rid of cellulite and fat — and at a fraction of the cost to liposuction, which is absolutely invasive. Watch video at the end of the article from the TV show, The Doctors, showing a treatment of iLipo being administered to a patient.

Each session of iLipo takes only 20 minutes and targets a problem area such as the stomach fat, excess thigh fat, calf area, or upper arm fat. Low intensity lasers are released through the treatment pads triggering a chemical signal in the fat cells to break down the stored triglycerides into free fatty acids and glycerol, which then pass though the cell membrane. The lymphatic system releases the fat from the body immediately afterwards, even more so if you exercise for 20-30 minutes.  Fortunately, The La Jolla Wellness Studio works with you on a one-to-one basis and makes sure that you burn that 350 calories immediately following your iLipo treatment using their patent pending 30-minute workout routine called the MyoMetrix Method™.  Email for a free MyoMetrix Method workout session.

With normal exercise the body will use its store of carbohydrates and sugar as its first source of energy and it can take a lot of time and effort before it begins to burn fat as a source of energy. Using iLipo and the MyoMetrix Method™, you go straight into fat burning mode and results are seen immediately!  Typically, a reduction of 1-3cm is achieved after each session, including the first session.   After a course of 8 sessions, you will have achieved dramatic results!

iLipo at la jolla wellness studio

What is The MyoMetrix Method?

The Myometrix Method is a high intensity workout with vibration therapy. More muscle fibers are activated with vibration sound therapy than in normal exercise and in the short term one will notice improved circulation. The vibrations work your muscles exponentially more than regular workouts — 20 to 50 muscle contractions per second — increasing the speed of blood flow in your body.  This 30 minute workout removes excess body fat, cellulite, and lower back pain, increases pelvic strength, and balances hormonal system for increased tissue strength and firmness.  MyoMetrix training sessions work several ways to dissolve excess body fat.  First, it increases metabolism which burns calories more rapidly and then it increases blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, thereby removing toxins from the body faster.

About The Myometrix Method (30-Min Workout)

There are a lot of workout studios in La Jolla, CA — we know! But now, the La Jolla Wellness Studio offers vibration training in conjunction with high intensity training in a unique personalized workout that takes only 30 minutes and that gives you the weight loss results you’ve been dreaming about…we’re referring to the Myometrix Method.  This workout is with a personal trainer and measures your results monthly.

Step 1: (10 minutes) Whole Body Sound Vibration Therapy — the sound vibration prepares your body for an intense workout. The sound vibration reduces cortisol or stress hormones and lactic acid (which makes your muscles sore) and stimulates your large and small muscles for a workout.

Step 2: (4 minutes) High intensity workout isolates and activates your muscles

Step 3: (15 minutes) Horizonal Sound Vibration — After a workout, the body increases cortisol and lactic acid.  By laying down on their sound vibration bed, your entire body again eliminates lactic acid and cortisol. Your muscles will continue to work for 4-6 hours for additional calorie burn.

Note: It is recommended to do the 30 minute workout 3 x per week.  Each month your personal trainer measures 20 unique data points including a full body analysis and your weight, lean muscle mass, body fat, BMI, PBF and the breakdown of such for each limb of your body. This is reevaluated monthly to measure your real results.


Click to Watch Video: i-Lipo Xcell by Chromogenex™

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