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Win This Sports Illustrated Bikini Giveaway By Daniela Corte

We are excited to announce an exclusive bikini giveaway – this swimsuit was featured in Sports Illustrated designed and was designed by Boston-based designer, Daniela Corte. The bikini was inspired by Corte’s runway signature gown (see pic below). Boston designer, Daniela Corte celebrated her third feature in the Sports Illustrated (SI) Swim Issue (Kate Upton on the cover) in three years. Australian model, Jessica Gomes was featured in the issue wearing a custom-made, S.I. exclusive, Daniela Corte bikini. This bikini is now available to a winner on Nubry! Gooood Luck!!!

Daniela Corte swimwear was recently worn by Hayden Panettiere in January’s Esquire and has been worn by Chrissy Teigen, Esti Ginzburg and Cintia Dicker.

Daniela Corte was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and founded her company, Daniela Corte in 2000 in Boston, designing everything from gowns to bikinis.  She is a Boston designer that opened a retail store on Newbury Street in 2011.  For those of you that do not know, was born in Boston too and is named after Newbury Street, one of the top shopping streets in the world!

Giveaway Includes: 

***Daniela Corte ‘Opening’ bikini as seen in Sports Illustrated Swim Issue on Jessica Gomes ***

How To Enter To Win The Daniela Corte Bikini Giveaway:

For each of the following 5 tasks below, you will receive 1 entry.  If you receive 5 entries by completing all 5 tasks, we will DOUBLE your entries so that you will have a total of 10 entries towards winning Nubry’s bikini giveaway!!!

1. Leave a comment below in the comments section with your email address and specify which tasks you completed.  Remember, we will double your entries if you complete all tasks

2. “LIKE” Daniela Corte AND Nubry on Facebook

3. “Like” this photo (the 1st pic below) on Nubry’s Facebook page

4. Share this photo (1st pic below) to your Facebook wall

5. Go to Twitter and Tweet “I want to WIN @DanielaCorte #bikini @SInow #sportsillustrated #Giveaway from @Nubry !”

NOTE: Bikini Giveaway Ends Sunday, March 3rd at Midnight PST. We’ll announce the winner the  following week. Good luck!!!


Giveaway has now ended.  Thank you to all who participated!  We will announce the winner.

Sports Ilustrated bikini Daniela Corte

Custom designed Daniela Corte bikini for Sports Illustrated Swim Issue – Like & Share This Pic On Facebook!

Daniela Corte Opening gown Dress bikini inspired

Daniela Corte Opening gown that inspired the bikini

Daniela Corte Opening dress

Daniela Corte Opening dress that inspired the bikini

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  1. Amy

    1. Leave a comment below

    2. “LIKE” Daniela Corte AND Nubry on Facebook done amy rouse

    3. “Like” this photo (the 1st pic below) on Nubry’s Facebook page done amy rouse

    4. Share this photo (1st pic below) to your Facebook wall done! amy rouse

    5. Go to Twitter and Tweet “I want to WIN @DanielaCorte #bikini @SInow #sportsillustrated #Giveaway from @Nubry !” done @dropastitch

  2. Meghan Duce

    I liked Daniela Corte AND Nubry on Facebook

    I “Liked” this photo (the 3rd pic above) on Nubry’s Facebook page

    I Shared this photo (3rd pic above) to my Facebook wall

    5. I went to Twitter and Tweeted @mkittysamom “I want to WIN @DanielaCorte #bikini @SInow #sportsillustrated #Giveaway from @Nubry !”

  3. nushechka

    I completed all of the steps

    I liked Daniela Corte and Nubry on Facebook.
    I liked the photo-annushka s.
    I shared the photo on fb-
    I tweeted -

  4. Amber

    Oh my gosh!!! I would seriously be thrilled to win! My birthday is near the end of the month and I’m taking a trip to California, and I’ve been searching for the perfect swimsuit…this is totally IT! Thanks so much for the chance to win!

    I did everything. Amber Hodge on Facebook, and @roomofmyown on Twitter.
    Email: shevilkenevil1 at aol dot com

  5. QueenLina

    I completed all of the steps above (liked Daniela Corte and Nubry, liked photo, shared photo and tweeted) and I also followed nubry on twitter..
    facebook: Landing In Fashion
    twitter: @QueenLina91

  6. roro

    I ‘ ve done them all ! liked all the pages under my account: roro hamwi , liked the pic and shared the pictures and tweeted under my twitter account : ramaal83 . My email is

  7. kira

    i “LIKE” Daniela Corte AND Nubry on Facebook.
    i “Like” this photo on Nubry’s Facebook page.



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