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19 Ways To Have The Best Holiday Season Ever

Having the best holiday season ever is actually pretty easy! A combination of Christmakkah shopping, spiced baked goods, decorating the house, putting together holiday gift ideas and allowing beautification time for yourself is all it takes!

Let’s chill out for a second. Okay, ready to get some tips that will help you not only get through the holidays, but have the best holiday season ever?! Yeah!

Let’s begin…

And happy holidays!!!

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How To Have The Best Holiday Season Ever

1. Make the most decadent fruit cake. Don’t make it healthy! Just enjoy the process and even gift it to your closest friends. See Martha Stewart’s Fruitcake recipe. If you are interested in staying healthy during the holidays (it is possible), then you must read 7 Healthy Eating Tips During Holiday Party Season For The Socialite.

fruitcake land rover san diego holidays

Make the most decadent fruitcake and then share with friends! See #1

2. Tip Brought to you by Land Rover San Diego — Connect your bluetooth and set up “My Music” in your Range Rover using your phone’s Pandora. Add the holiday Pandora stations so that your joyful music starts playing every time you get into your Range. See our Holiday Music Pandora playlist here.

3. If you missed giving out holiday cards, or maybe you received a holiday card from someone and thought, “oh no! I forgot them on my list!” Don’t sweat…

Everyone gets so many holiday cards. Send a New Years card that opens the new year with happiness.

4. Go Ice skating! The best holiday can mean the most romantic date.  Go to the Hotel Del Coronado for a hot toddy and watch all of the ice skaters, then rent your own ice skates and take a spin on the ice.  You can ice skate in Rancho Santa Fe too.

Louboutin heels land rover san diego holiday party

Holidays are also for you! See #6.

5. The holidays are for giving! Buy the person in line behind you at Starbucks a gingerbread latte, then say something nice to them.  It will make their day.

6. The holidays are also for holiday shopping — for you! The after Christmas sales start online on December 25th. Your family and friends are fun, but when that sale starts, you have to redirect your attention to your closet and! Don’t feel bad about excusing yourself to checkout of your shopping cart on those Louboutin heels. After all, New Years Eve is only 5 days later! Need some more etiquette tips for holiday parties? See 23 Hilarious Party Etiquette Tips For The Holiday Season

manicure girls hands land rover san diego range rover

See #7 on why a manicure is a must for having the best holiday season ever!

7. Manicure – Make time for a manicure or a polish change so that your nails look pretty for shopping and parties! Stiletto nails are still in and so is a simple french manicure.

8. Wear Berry Kissed Lipstick – A dark colored lipstick is festive and will instantly make you feel like Scarlett Johansson. For more on makeup and beauty tricks for the holidays: 17 Tips and Tricks On How To Look Pretty For The Holidays

9. Have your fireplace ready!  Burn a fire a least 5 times this season, if not everyday.  Have marshmallows, hot chocolate, whiskey, and whipped cream ready for lounging with friends on a whim.

land rover san diego manicure

Always be on time! See #10.

10. Tip Brought to you by Land Rover San Diego — Always wear a watch to be sure you’re appropriately on time, but who are we kidding?… It is sometimes impossible to be on time due to unforeseen things like holiday traffic — which is better spent in a Range Rover — long lines with frantic shoppers, a batch of cookies that flopped, a last minute holiday gathering, beauty mishaps, and no where to find a white elephant gift.  Point is, there are definitely acceptable reasons to be late!

11. No one cares when you are late if you come with Dom Perignon.  Plan to be late and never leave the house without Champs.

12. Add Whiskey to everything! Make Irish Coffee or Whiskey Caramel sauce.  Irish caramel sauce can be used throughout the holiday on ice cream, as sweetener in drinks, or on cake. How to Make Whiskey Caramel Sauce.

Irish Coffee Recipe

Irish Caramel sauce for coffee cake holiday party

How To Make Whiskey Caramel Sauce


  • 6 ounces fresh brewed coffee
  • 1 shot Baileys Irish Cream
  • 1/2 shot whiskey
  • Whipped cream or milk foam, to top


Pour coffee and Baileys into a large mug. If you would like more chocolatey flavor, stir in hot cocoa mix (optional). Top with whipped cream or milk foam. Serve immediately

13. Tip Brought to you by Land Rover San Diego — Leave a small gift or stocking stuffer in your significant other’s car, such as the glove box, center console, or even the trunk.  She or he will find it when they least expect and it will be so joyful!

14. Holiday shopping is not easy, so don’t be afraid to rest and catch your breath on the trunk. Watch these holiday gift ideas.

lululemon land rover san diego nubry

15. Unless you are an experienced shopper, avoid boxing day — the day after Christmas sale. It’s chaos and not for the faint of heart.

16. The best gifts are the thoughtful ones. Even if you aren’t into arts and crafts, a mason jar with a ribbon is a festive and easy gift package for you to make.  Go here for a recipe and directions on making a DIY Christmas Gift: Homemade Cocoa Mix In A Jar

17. Christmas Sale Online Shopping Tip: Shop for the things you want to buy online before they go on sale. That way, when the sale starts you won’t make a wrong decision just because something is on sale.  If the items you wanted go on sale, then its a no-brainer! P.S. Net-a-Porter’s annual Christmas sale already started! 50% off!

valet park land rover san diego range rover evoqueAlways opt for valet during the holidays! See Tip #1818. Tip Brought to you by Land Rover San Diego — Always valet park if possible to save time and make your life easier.  Remember to turn on the valet function in your Range Rover to lock your controls and glove compartment for security.

19. Don’t be a downer and avoid all fruitcake, Christmas tree shaped cookies, eggnog, whiskey caramel sauce, and whipped cream!  A little festive sugar never hurt anyone.  Don’t fret, we will help you get back on track in the new year…that’s in 12 days! If you must be so anxious, then see How To Stay Skinny All Winter Season Long.


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