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5 No Fuss New Year’s Eve Tips For The Party Host

With all of the love and dedication that goes into Christmas decorating, who has the time and energy to prepare for a new holiday? Luckily, we have some no fuss New Year’s Eve tips for the party host for ringing in the New Year tonight with friends and family.  From low effort, high impact decorations to stress-free holiday entrees, here are five things you can do for a stress-free New Years celebration.  How do you host your own year-end celebration hassle free? Share your tips in the comments below.

Editor’s Note: Jennifer Lutz is the home décor expert at  Visit her website for more frugal and swanky ideas on decorating for your New Year’s party.

No Fuss New Year’s Eve Tips

No Fuss New Year's Eve Tips For The Party Host - repurpose christmas ornaments for nye

Repurpose Christmas ornaments by putting them in glass vases.

1. Repurpose Your Christmas Décor

There’s no easier decor than what you already have. Gather metallic balls, shiny gold and silver baubles, and glittered ornaments from your Christmas tree, and fill glass bowls with them to create a centerpiece for your table. Keep the lights and other sparkly ornaments up and save a ton of time on decorations. If you’re up for some DIY decor, these white and gold fringe garlands made from crepe paper, take minutes to create and look great hanging on your living room wall.

2. Choose Low-Hassle Entrées

Food will probably take up most of your prep time, so it’s essential to pick dishes that take little effort or ones that you already know how to make. Though they might cost a bit more, premium cuts of meat require very little prep time and can be left cooking in the oven while you make other arrangements. There’s also no shame in taking cues from your Christmas dinner menu, so give that 30-minute Fettuccine Alfredo an encore for your New Year’s Eve party.

3. Look to No-Cook Appetizers and Desserts

When thinking about appetizers, go for spreads that have little to no cook time. Start your menu off with a simple cheeseboard composed of classic cheeses like cheddar and brie coupled with jam and chutney, or a platter of cured meats like prosciutto and salami with crackers on the side. For dessert, pick something you can leave in the oven or the fridge like these delectable cannoli bites. Alternatively, you can skip all the hassle by picking up desserts from your favorite bakery after finishing your pre-party arrangements.

Grapefruit Martini Recipe For Skinny Bitch

Fresh fruit and champagne martini is a crowd pleaser and low in calories!

4. Serve Simple Cocktails and Drinks

A champagne toast is the best start for the year ahead, so purchasing a couple of bottles of champagne can be all you need for your year-end party. However, you can spice things up by adding chopped fruit and juices to your champagne to create a simple Sangria Punch. Or, try our Grapefruit Martini recipe for a low-cal, yet tasty option.  These drinks are easy to make and are a hit with the New Year’s Eve crowd.

5. Offer Sparklers and DIY Noisemakers

Sparklers and noisemakers are part of the New Year’s tradition. Skip all the work by having your guests bring do-it-yourself noisemakers for the party. Christmas bells taped to a stick or DIY horns are sure to keep the kids entertained and keep the party fun and lively. Hand sparklers out before starting the countdown and light them up all at once (outside, of course!) for a bright welcome to the New Year.

No Fuss New Year's Eve Tips For The Party Host - sparklers

Sparklers bring light and excitement to the party!



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