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6 Stay Skinny Tips Before The Holidays And Making Healthy Choices

The holiday is a time when we all want to indulge in things that we only get once per year! Below are 6 stay skinny tips to try before the holidays and avoid putting on extra pounds before the holidays. Be on the slim before the holiday and then take part in endless Thanksgiving turkey, gravy and dressing and buche de noel, egg nog, and hot chocolate. Eating healthy during the holidays can be difficult, so we have a few tips to help you stay skinny and make healthy choices before heading into the holidays. Its okay to add a few pounds during the holidays, but don’t add a few pounds before the holidays!

6 Stay Skinny Tips Before The Holidays And Make Healthy Choices

1.  Analyze Snacks: Many times having a proper meal is difficult during a busy day.  Snacking is enivitable. Analyze your snacks and then make small changes to them to eliminate excess calories. Replace a couple of your snacks with healthier options. Granola and yogurt is delicious, but try replacing the granola with fruit salad from time to time. Granola can have alot of extra calories.6 Stay Skinny Tips Before The Holidays And Make Healthy Choices

2. Substitutions: Snacking before dinner is sometimes necessary because you are starving once arriving home at the end of the day. The first thing that comes to mind is the bag of chips. A few chips turns into 1/3 of a bag.  Instead, a skinny tip is to have vegetable crudites with a dressing of your choice which will give you the same crunch as a chip, but fill you up faster, allowing you to eat less.

3. Eat Breakfast. We all know the best way to be successful at anything is to get some major motivation right from the start. Well, that’s how your metabolism feels too. Give yourself a boost in the beginning of the day by eating a healthy breakfast with some source of protein and multigrain carbs. My personal favorite is peanut butter and bananas on wheat toast or some egg whites with a little bit of hot sauce. Vegetarian option: Egg whites with hot sauce or sauteed tomatoes. Vegan option: Steel-cut oats

4.    Take A Break To Eat. One of the worst things to do while you complete your daily to-do list is to eat. One of the best skinny tips is to let eating give you a break from your day. Doing the simplest of tasks, like writing an email while eating, can cause you too eat too much or even too little. By taking a second to step back from your day you can focus more on what you’re eating and how much.

5.    Eat Slowly. There is nothing worse than the feeling in your stomach after shoving massive amounts of snacks into your stomach. It takes anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes for your body to feel completely full. Eating fast can cause you to inhale rather than chew your food. So take a deep breath and remind yourself of the skinny tips to eat a little slower and give your body a chance to tell you exactly how full it really is.

6. It’s Okay To Indulge.  Even if you are dieting, or simply trying to eat healthier in general, don’t forget to give yourself a little guilty pleasure every now and then. Indulging in dark chocolate with a 60-70% cacao can put your mind at ease.

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