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DIY Breakfast Ideas: Adorable Pastry Display For The Holidays

I love creating things with my own two hands and I especially love when I am able to put something together without having to go out and buy anything – see one of my adorable breakfast ideas below.  When I’m home in Ohio for the holidays, I like to spend as much time in my house that I can, rather than waste hours at the store, which is why I was super stoked with myself after completing this adorable breakfast pastry display using items that were already in my kitchen cabinet.

There are so many cute breakfast ideas out there, but pastries are always a no-brainer, because they’re fresh, easy, cute, and tasty and you can zoom over to your local bakery in no time.  Now, rather than offering your gluten-free pastries to guests in the paper box they came in or on a simple plate, try elevating them by displaying on a cake stand.  Next, name your pastries!  I initially wanted mini chalk boards or little free-standing signs, but I didn’t have access to these items, short of driving to the store and purchasing them.  I opened my cooking cabinet and low and behold there were cupcake or muffin foils staring right back at me!  I went out on a whim and wrote the names of my pastries on each foil, then attached to the corresponding pastry with a toothpick.  It worked.  Genius, right?


Adorable Breakfast Ideas – Name Your Pastry Display

Breakfast Ideas - cute pastry display

Adorable Pastry Display For Breafast During Holidays  4

Adorable Pastry Display For Breafast During Holidays  6

Adorable Pastry Display For Breafast During Holidays  5


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