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These Holiday Pandora Stations Should Be In Your Phone

Nothing gets you into the holiday spirit like engaging your nose and ear sensory. Holiday music is a must during December! Don’t worry, it’s really easy to program your phone with holiday Pandora stations.

Choose a few good holiday Pandora stations and program them into your phone for your upcoming Christmas party or simply to enjoy all month long at home. Our Holiday Pandora playlist was featured in LOCALE Magazine. Keep scrolling for our holiday playlist.

In addition to great holiday music, we recommend enhancing holiday cheer through amazing holiday scents. Here’s how…

Make Your Home Smell Good During The Holidays

Purchase a few bags of cinnamon pine cones (available at Whole Foods or pretty much any grocery) and place in baskets, vases, or other decorative container.

Tip: We recommend hiding additional pine cones behind your couches for extra cinnamon and spicy scents. Yes, ooze holiday scents from every corner of your home!

Read on for our holiday music playlist — programmable on Pandora — and have a very jolly Christmas!

Editor’s Note: A holiday playlist and home filled with fabulous holiday scents are romantic and joyful for the season!  Click here for even more holiday sound tracks.

michael buble holiday music

Holiday Music for Christmas Parties

Holiday Pandora Stations For You Playlist

1. Top 40 Christmas (Holiday)

2. Holiday Music (Holiday)

3. Michael Buble (Holiday)

4. Christina Aguilera (Holiday)

5. Kelly Clarkson (Holiday)

6. Mariah Carey (Holiday)

7. Lady Antebellum (Holiday)



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