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Must-Know Tips For Throwing An Easter Egg Hunt

Thinking about throwing an Easter Egg hunt this Sunday? Cute! Before heading out to purchase the Easter candies, take note of some very important things.  Like, don’t forget the Easter egg baskets or the kiddies won’t be able to run all over the place with their coveted stash. And, be sure to buy a couple bottles of champagne and orange juice for your friends in attendance — they’ll thank you!  Plus, find out where to buy the cutest stuffed bunnies in San Diego.  Read on for Easter egg hunt must-know tips so that you get the coolest parent and best friend award this weekend.

1. Don’t be skimpy on the eggs, more is more!

Kids want as many chances possible to fill their Easter egg basket to the brim, so don’t be a skimpy parent and be sure to have more than plenty available for the hunt.

throwing an easter egg hunt for kids and adults2. Have both big and small chocolate eggs wrapped in foil

The big eggs are seen as more valuable, so offer both in the hunt so that the kids can compare trophies following the hunt.

3. Have the plastic eggs that open up and stash little treasures inside

Variety is more fun and you can put really yummy, non-Easter candies in the plastic eggs.  Think Haribo, Sour Patch Kids, and Sugarfina! Additionally, stuff plastic eggs with money! $1, $5, and $100 bills will really surprise the kiddies!

4. Have cute little baskets on hand so the kiddies can collect their eggs easily

This is easy to forget, but makes a big difference!  If kids don’t have a protective area for their trophies, there could be major egg drama.

Is this a peeps bunny on a stick in a champagne glass???:

Offer your friends Champagne with Peeps while they watch the Easter egg hunt.

5. Throwing an Easter egg hunt involves mimosas for adults

Throwing an Easter egg hunt is first and foremost for the little ones, but should also include your BFF’s. Invite your friends, even those without kids or significant others. Watching an Easter egg hunt is fun for any adult, but watching an Easter egg hunt unfold whilst sipping on a mimosa or Champagne with Peeps on Sunday morning? Nothing beats that! Best friend award!!

6. Gift the kiddies with cute stuffed bunnies (or real ones!)

After the Easter egg hunt is over, gift the kids with really cute stuffed bunnies.  The winner of the hunt gets to choose 1st, 2nd place chooses second, and so on.  Make sure they know about the awards before the hunt begins so there’s extra incentive to win! Geppettos Toys in The Headquarters at Seaport has all of your stuffed bunny needs for Easter and even has really cute accessories too, like a flower crown.

7. If you choose real ones…

This is a perfect opportunity to rescue a bunny. When the kids wake up in the morning, surprise them with real, live, pet bunnies in the Easter egg basket!  But remember, don’t bring the real bunnies to the hunt or you might lose your new friend.

8. Don’t make the hunt too easy and hide the most highly sought after eggs the hardest

You know that the big candies are always the most valuable, so these shouldn’t be in plain sight. Hide the biggest candies the hardest — in a tree, under a lantern, in the pool house, in the mailbox…

For more must-know tips, like what you need to know before throwing an Easter egg hunt for kids (and your adult friends), be sure to subscribe to our newsletter.  Any more great tips to add? Please comment below!

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