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Essential Summer Vacation Travel Tips For A Fabulous Trip

Summer is just around the corner, which means it’s time to start planning your summer vacation! By following our essential travel tips below, you’re sure to have a fabulous summer vacation free of all the stresses that are bound to arise! Traveling to and from a summer destination can be intense and, at times, sweaty which is why it’s super important to be organized, comfortable, but also stylish, and prepared.  It’s hard to be relaxed while visiting a foreign area, but, with a little bit of thought beforehand, you’ll reduce anxiety greatly! Follow the following travel tips and you’ll be on your way to having a stress-free, relaxed, and exciting summer vacation.

4 Must-Know Summer Vacation Travel Tips

summer vacation travel tips

Must-know summer vacation travel tips for a fabulous summer!

1. Organization!

Traveling is so often associated with stress. However, if you are organized, there really is no reason for you to get hot and bothered. Don’t leave things until the last minute as this will only make you look and feel flustered when you begin your journey. So, anything that can be booked in advance should be booked in advance. Book and pay for your flights and use sites like to organize where you will stay. And, don’t forget about other important tasks like booking airport transfers, checking your passport is up to date, organizing any visas you may need, and making restaurant reservations in advance.

2. Style And Comfort

When it comes to packing for vacation, most of us become preoccupied with what we will wear to look beautiful on the beach, on evening’s out, and when shopping and sightseeing.  Famous ladies like Victoria Beckham and Kim Kardashian have set the style bar pretty high for travel attire.  Although it’s important that we strive to be as stylish as possible for our cool destination, it’s equally essential that we remain comfortable for the activities that are sure to come our way. Layering is a very handy technique for traveling. With multiple layers, you can easily stay cool or warm, depending on whether you’re chilling on an airplane or scorching hot under the sun. Avoid anything too tight as your body will naturally swell with heat and pack comfortable walking shoes that wont cause blisters. Click here for packing list essentials.

3. Carryon Essentials

There’s always a lot of waiting around when traveling so make sure you have carryon essentials to keep yourself looking and feeling refreshed at a moment’s notice. A bottle of water, hair brush, toothbrush, bottle of perfume, deodorant, and a small supply of essential makeup will all be very handy to have in your hand luggage or travel tote. Do remember that there are restrictions on liquids in airports.  Typically, bottles cannot be larger than 3oz, so don’t bring anything too large as it will be confiscated before you depart.  Try the Emme bag to transport you packing essential toiletries as it comes equipped with little refillable bottles all under 3 oz as well as multiple storage areas for your other bottles.

4. Be Prepared

Things that are completely out of our control will always go wrong. Your flight may get delayed or there may be a mix up with your hotel booking. Be prepared for anything in the event that something goes haywire during your journey.  Carry a spare outfit in your carryon luggage in case your flight is delayed overnight  as well as your mobile phone charger and other carryon essentials you may need handy.

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