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How To Get A Guy To Like You – The Art Of The Chase

Time and time again girls make the mistake of being “too available” to guys and they thereby do the chasing after initially meeting a new man.  If you’re wondering how to get a guy to like you, the “art of the chase” is a concept that you will find very interesting!  In the long run your relationship and sexual intimacy will be much more rewarding for both you and your man if you let him do the chasing.  Oh yes, it’s true!  You may be asking, but how and but why?  When talking about how to get a guy to like you, the art of pursuit and chase are timeless concepts that date back to the earliest ages of humanity.  Just think back to kindergarten when the boys would chase all the pretty girls around the playground, followed by the girls then chasing back the boys.  Now, as we girls have become adults, the same rules still apply to “the chase”, but just a different version of it.

We have some relationship tips for you that will not only open your eyes and make you wiser, but will also hopefully encourage you to let the man do the chasing.  Now, go catch that tiger!

How To Get A Guy To Like You

  1. Exude Confidence – Think of how you feel when you see his name appear on your phone or the butterflies you get from an unexpected call from your man asking you out on that first date. You get this because he has decided to pursue you out of all of the other ladies out there. You exude confidence knowing he wants you! Note: Confidence pays off in many other areas too…

    How to get a guy to like you - man and woman on boat flirting

    The Art Of The Chase … Read on to find out all about it!

  2. Allow Him To Be Primitive – Men are hunters…they instinctively want to chase and hunt after what they desire. Like cavemen, as silly as it may sound, men want to pursue the female. Wondering how to get a guy to like you?? Let him chase you for awhile with phone calls and invites before you let him know he has captured your heart.  Guard your heart and let him swoop you off your feet. He may want to throw you over his back and carry you home, relatively speaking. Don’t forget, men need to go in their “man caves” once in awhile, and we ladies need to respect this.
  3. If He Snoozes He Loses – the rule of “you snooze you lose” applies here, ladies!  This concept is what we women must have for men who don’t chase or pursue us…sayonara!!!  Please remember that you have so much to offer and the man whose knocking your door down or texting you with sweet nothings is hands down the one who will provide a more fulfilling relationship in all areas in the long run.  If a man thinks that you should sit around and wait for him to call you or ask you out, then he is not the man you should want.  No effort displays no ambition on his part. He should be hungry and excited to have any opportunity to spend time with you one-on-one.
  4. Don’t Want The Wrong Man – sometimes we want a man who just isn’t truly pursuing us or into us…this is a huge mistake.  Ladies don’t wait on a man, please!  F. Scott Fitzgerald once said, “why don’t you tell me that ‘if the girl had been worth having she’d have waited for you’? No, sir, the girl really worth having won’t wait for anybody.”  Men who know you are worth having will show it by actively pursuing you.  Yes, there is a man out there who does and he will appreciate you for all you are. He will breathe every kiss and cherish every conversation, just you wait!
  5. Men Are Simple – Men are truly simple creatures.  If they want you, you will know…you won’t have to ask!  If they want to call you, they will.  Sometimes, when you’re in a relationship, communication can need some coaching, but that’s another topic for discussion.  If you call or text him too much in the beginning, you ruin that aura of mysteriousness. Listen closely, he will tell you and show you what he’s feeling for you.  If you have to ask, then he’s not the one. You just know, it’s simple.
  6. Let Sparks Fly – Let him be the spark to your flame! A man will know if you have an undying chemistry that binds you both to be intertwined in a never-ending pursuit of romance and passion, which will unfold once he’s captured your heart.  A spark can start a relationship that can happen unexpectedly and sweep you off your feet and challenge every view you’ve ever had. The spark will turn into a flame if you let him chase and finally catch you. In turn, you’ve actually snagged him — just look at so many lyrics in songs referencing a flame, spark, or fire in reference to love and passion.
  7. Get Under his Spell – When a man you desire also desires you and pursues you…oh, it is so intoxicating!  Think about it ladies, so much respect and admiration comes from a man who knows he’s pursued you and you reciprocate what he is doing. It’s a back and forth, up and down, emotional euphoric experience.  It is what will keep you two wanting more. His eye contact will make you melt and his touch will make your skin come alive. You will constantly be drifting your thoughts to him. You can be confident he is doing the same, because you let him chase you. You will know he wants you and only you.
  8. Be Smart – Why would you want to be sitting around wondering why he hasn’t called in days or even weeks…or after you’ve been dating have questions of his admiration for you?  You must have confidence that your potential man you are giving your time and your heart to is crazy about you!  It is just silly if you sit around daydreaming about a guy who has shown no effort towards you…it wastes your time. Move on and seek out a guy who treats you like there is someone else to capture you at any moment.
  9. Be A Flirt – Once your pursuer has shown interest, flirt back a little.Again, guys love the chase.  Guys want to pursue you and chase you, and we ladies love to be tracked down. This is flirting, and the anticipation is fun! You have our permission to flirt back and accept those dates once he has gone out of his way and made the effort to get in touch with you. This is what makes new love so fun and exciting. Flirting is hot!
  10. Let Him Chase You – Don’t call him.  Do not call him! He will call you if he wants to, you’ll feel like a fool pursuing him before he does you.  There are men that know the deal and know how to be men in our lives.  Your desire for each other will jump ten folds if you let him pursue you and chase you!!!

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