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5 Simple Ways To Organize Your Jewelry Collection

It’s time to say “goodbye” to all those hours spent untangling necklace chains, searching for matching earrings, and trying to remember what you did with that bracelet. It’s time to get organized!  But don’t worry, jewelry organization can be fun and simple if you set out with a plan in place. Just think of the hassle you’ll save yourself in the future once your things are all in order.

A printers tray can be used as a way to organize and display  jewelry

By following our simple organization steps, you can once and for all resolve the jewelry clutter problem that so many of us are faced with on a daily basis. With your jewelry collection more visible, you’ll discover that you are much better equipped to enjoy it more often. Accessorizing will be a no-brainer!

Below, we’ve listed 5 simple ways to organize your jewelry.  Leave a comment below and tell us your jewelry organization strategy or let us know what your favorite trick is from our recommendations.

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5 Simple Ways To Organize Your Jewelry

1. Location

First, decide on a location for your bling. Whether you opt for a desk, dresser drawer or closet, make sure that it’s someplace where your jewelry can be easily accessed and displayed – an eye level location works well. Also, try to avoid keeping jewelry where it’s likely to get lost. Don’t, for example, keep jewelry near air vents or above patterned carpeting where pieces could easily disappear.

2. Sort

There are many ways to organize and sort your jewelry to match your lifestyle. If you change your jewelry regularly to suit different events, you may want to consider organizing based on occasion or frequency of use. In that case, make the items you wear daily most easily accessible and invest in a travel case or pouch for on-the-go accessory changes.

You could also sort by color or material, making it easy for you to color-coordinate with outfits. Another option is that of organizing by trend – if you’ve got a lot of costume jewelry then you’ll probably need to separate your feather-inspired pieces from your bib necklaces and your peter pan collars.

No matter which organizational system you settle on, it’s always a good idea to separate bracelets from earrings and so on. That way, you’ll minimize the chances that things will become tangled, damaged or mixed up.

3. Necklaces

Necklaces can be somewhat tricky to tackle, as they simply have a knack for getting tangled up. You can avoid this by storing them individually in little placeholders or by hanging them up. This is where your creativity comes into play…there are many methods of displaying necklaces and you can very easily turn your former tangle of chains into an eye-catching piece of wall art, for example.

By using old picture frames tie racks, you can create both a unique statement piece for your room and an efficient way to organize your necklaces. In need of inspiration? Try searching sites like Pinterest for “necklace organizer” and you’ll find some great DIY ideas!

Picture frame necklace holder

Necklace holder as wall art

Necklace holder created with shower rod rings

4. Bracelets

Bracelet storage is simple enough, especially if you own bangles because they are particularly easy to display. Paper towel holders, skinny bottles, or classic “T-bar” style stands can provide a quick fix for cluttered bracelet storage. For clasp bracelets, drawer-style jewelry boxes offer great storage and more protection.

Paper towel stand to hold your bangles and bracelets

Skinny old bottles to hold your bangles and bracelets

Clasp bracelets are best stored safely in a jewelry box drawer

5. Earrings

Earrings are easily misplaced, but with a little ingenuity, you’ll find that even earrings can be made manageable. One stylish choice for earring organization is the earring tree. There are so many pretty and functional versions of this popular storage option available in stores and online. Earring organization also gives DIY fanatics the opportunity to get creative – with an embroidery hoop and some mesh fabric, you can make a custom earring holder to store all those pesky little studs.

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