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The Wardrobe Must-Haves You Can’t Live Without!

While trends come and go and change with each passing season, there are certain wardrobe must haves for women that are always in style. Don’t get too caught up in having the “it” trend of the season, it’s more important to build a timeless wardrobe based on staple pieces, such as the little black dress or “LBD” and a pair of jeans that make you look and feel your very best. Style is what makes us unique and with the integration of trends that work for your body, you’ll be well on your way to a wardrobe that you’re holy about!  Below, we discuss some of our favorite wardrobe must haves that you won’t have to worry about getting rid of next season. If you already have these items, think about which ones might need an update or refresher and shop our picks. Is there anything else you’d include on this list of wardrobe must-haves for women?

7 Wardrobe Must-Haves For Women

lbd - little black dress - wardrobe must-haves

You need a trusted LBD that you can always fall back on!

1. Little Black Dress

A little black dress is an absolute must have, and it has been for years. Think Audrey Hepburn’classic LBD in Breakfast At Tiffany’s! If you buy quality, then you won’t need to worry about wearing the poor thing out after a few wears. Make sure your LBD is a shape that suits your body type and style that you won’t tire of. You can style your LBD to have a unique look each time you wear it by dressing it up with different accessories.

2. Trusted Pair of Jeans

Jeans are a wardrobe staple that will last you for years if you pick the right pair. These days, many jeans have a high amount of lycra in them so that the brand can save on manufacturing costs…watch out for this type as they won’t last. The jeans that last the longest will have a high denim percentage. So, when you’re shopping for your go-to jeans, look for high denim percentage (quality) and choose the pair that you feel and look the best in!  P.S. – it doesn’t have to be a pair of skinny jeans or bootcut, it’s the pair that you truly feel amazing in, no matter what the style!

3. Boyfriend Shirt

A Boyfriend shirt, or an oversized men’s collared shirt that you stole from your boyfriend, is so versatile and can be totally trendy too. Wear loose with a pair of leggings, tucked into a pair of jeans with strappy heels, or wear it open over a tank top. For a completely different look, you can wear it tied at the waist with denim shorts! There are boyfriend shirts made especially for women, but there’s always the option of stealing from your boy 🙂

4. Waist Belt

Waist belts are an essential accessory, especially if you don’t like to lose your shape under baggy t-shirts, shirts, and jackets. A waist belt can make you look slimmer instantly and ensure that you don’t look frumpy. For fans of Alexander Wang clothing, you’ll find that much of his loose-fitting collections look superb with a waist belt.

5. Leggings

Leggings can be worn with just about anything, and they’re so comfy too! Opt for longer tanks and tops with leggings so that you elongate your figure, as opposed to short tops which could cause a stubby appearance. Seamless leggings are absolutely fabulous as they feel like skin and don’t make a harsh line at the waist.  Leggings are our favorite for winter, especially when paired with an oversized sweater and comfy flat boots.

An oversized sweater goes with everything and is always cozy!

An oversized sweater goes with everything and is always cozy!

6. Oversized Sweater

Speaking about the the oversized sweater, it always looks so casual and cool, and can be worn with anything from leggings and jeans to a skirt or jean shorts. This is a go-to item for wearing around the house, running errands, and for snowy days in Aspen. For a cute, yet sexy look, wear your oversized sweater off-the-shoulder.

7. Comfortable Sneakers

A pair of comfortable sneakers are no longer just for the gym or long run. You can go from house to work wearing a pair of your best-fitting sneakers and then instantly dress up your look by slipping into a pair of heels suitable for the office. Sneakers look and feel fabulous with any casual outfit and add a laid back vibe to a dressed up outfit. Sometimes, it’s okay to choose comfort! Just look to popular style bloggers, like Blair Eadie of Atlantic Pacific, who showoff their comfortable sneakers looks.

comfortable sneakers - atlantic pacific

Comfortable sneakers can look equally great with a nice outfit…sometimes, you need to choose comfort!

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