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8 Tips On How To Shop Forever 21 Like A Pro

We’ve all experienced that overwhelming feeling of walking into that new two-story Forever 21 at the local mall, not knowing where to start! How to shop Forever 21 is not obvious, so below are some shopping tips you probably did not know! Ever wonder how Forever 21 is organized? The next time you’re standing at the front of the store staring into fashion oblivion, remember these helpful tips on how to navigate a Forever 21.

8 Tips On How To Shop Forever 21 Like A Pro

1. Organized By Style Personality: The different rooms or sections of a Forever 21 store are separated by style personality including tribal/boho, rocker, athletic, girly girl, cocktail, hipster etc. Each area is dedicated to a different type of girl, and contains the type of clothes she would wear. So, how to shop Forever 21 departments? Take a look at the mannequins and ask yourself “Would I wear this?” If the answer is yes, start your search. If not, then don’t bother browsing through the racks.8 Tips On How To Shop Forever 21 Like A Pro

2. Avoid Shopping Bags:  If you’re not trying to spend the entire paycheck you got last week, I suggest not picking up one of those black mesh bags the sales associates try to hand out. Those bags were created not only for convenience, but to encourage the shopper to fill up the bag before heading to fitting room. The more clothes you try on, the more you are willing to buy. Give yourself a price limit and stick to it. Even if it means putting back one item you like for another one you love.

3. No Money Back: Make sure you want your purchases because Forever 21 only does exchange or store credit. You will never get any money back. All jewelry and sale items are final sale.

4. Sale Section: When it comes to the sale section, in most Forever 21 stores, the clothes are organized by color. This means that you will see a rack of blue clothes, a rack or red clothes etc which will be all of the left over pieces including an assortment of tops, dresses, and basics mixed in. Also, after finding that diamond in the rough, be sure to double check for any rips, stains or broken zippers. Most of the clothing on sale has been purchased and returned, or damaged by people digging through the racks.

5. Love21 Brand: Love21, a Forever 21 brand, is contemporary style clothes, for women over the age of 21, tends to be more expensive, and can also be higher quality as a result.  If you were trying to shop on a budget I would steer clear of Love21.

6. Try Before You Buy: You want to utilize the fitting rooms to try on clothes because of tip #3, no money back! Love21 also includes maternity wear, so this is another reason to try on! Try before you buy to avoid taking home a pant with extra room in the tummy!

7. How to shop Forever 21 When Over 21: Heritage 81, a Forever 21 brand, targets early teens. So unless you want to look like you’re dressed for a One Direction concert, I would stay away from this section as well.

8. Buying Accessories Last: The best part about buying new clothes is the shiny new accessories to match. However, Forever 21 fitting rooms have a no jewelry policy. Do not shop the accessories section until after you’ve tried on all your potential purchases. Once you’ve made your decision on what you’re going to buy it’ll be easier to select a necklace or a pair of earrings to tie together your new outfit.

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