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Clean Wardrobe: 3 Super Easy Ways To Organize Your Closet This Week

If there’s one thing a girl is crazy about, it’s her closet and nothing says ‘fresh start’ like a clean wardrobe, which is why we’re going to show you how to organize your closet.

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After you’ve gone through the horrible task of parting ways with all the clothes you no longer want or need, you’ll need to organize the clothes you did keep into a workable fashion. For tips on what to purge and what to keep, click here. 

If you’re noticing that it’s getting hard to locate that one shirt or you keep staring into your closet and find that your heart beat speeds up because you’re not sure where to grab, you’ll find our 3 easy ways to organize your closet very useful!


3 Ways To Organize Your Closet

1. Color – Yes it’s old fashioned, and we know you’ve heard it before, but color coordinating your closet may be one of the best ways to organize your things. Sorting things by color is a great way to make things easy to find and it will even look prettier.  All your pink tanks, tees, and sweaters should all be put next to each other. Start with your lighter colors, such as whites and greys, off to the far left side of your closet. Put your darks, like blues and blacks, off to the far right. Decide the order in which the colors should go in between, then voila! Nice, neat, and easy to navigate.

Fashion Tip: With colors like grey, pink, and blue that have many shades from light to dark, always start with the lighter shades then ombre your way to the darker shades within each color.

2. Style – Organizing your clothes based on their style is more helpful than you think it would be. All your tanks in one place, all your button ups in another, then every sweater you own has it’s own section as well. The more specific, the better — peplums next to crop tops and maxi dresses next to sundresses. Once you know that you’re looking for your velvet blue bodycon dress, just take a look in your dresses section and there it is!

Fashion Tip: This is my own personal choice of organization method, but I’m so OCD I took this to another level. Within the organization process, I also decided to hang my clothes in the order of sleeve length from spaghetti strap to pull over hoodie. It sounds intense, but it really helps!

3. Occasion – Opting to organize your closet by occasion or event is definitely one of the most creative ways to sort your things, but it’s nevertheless brilliant! Nothing is more stressful when you’re getting ready for a night out than not knowing what to wear. To help keep any panic on the low, separate your clothes depending on each piece’s level of casualness. Separate your everyday basics from your faux leather dresses and nice chiffon button ups.

Fashion Tip: This way of sorting makes it easy to find the right statement piece for your outfit, where first date or a job interview.  The right item will seem to pop out at you!

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