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Closet Cleaning Tips: 9 Best Kept Purging Rules For Your Wardrobe

Coming from a gal who does not clean her closet very often, I do actually have some very pertinent advice that will help you in your closet cleaning, as I recently purged my wardrobe, and it feels so good!  It is especially necessary to start the 2014 new year off on the right, organized foot — as I’m sure closet purging is at the top of many of your new years resolutions lists.  Click here to see our editor Gretchen’s top 5 new year’s resolutions.  There are certain items you must purge from your wardrobe and certain items that you must not purge (under no circumstances).  See below for my best kept closet cleaning tips!


9 Closet Cleaning Tips: What To Purge and What To Keep

Closet Cleaning: 9 Items You Need To Purge And Must Keep In Your Wardrobe

  1.  “2-year” rule – The 2 year rule means that if you haven’t worn something in 2 years that you should get rid of it. I say, 6 years is a better benchmark for never wearing an item.  Sometimes, you will find that you haven’t worn an item in like 6 years, but you should (like a fabulous metallic jacket or maybe even a pair of python boots)!  Maybe you recently had a baby and have spent the last year going through a body transformation, or perhaps like me, you reside in California and thus many of your winter clothes never get exercised except for weekend rendezvouses to Aspen.
  2. Clothes that don’t fit – For clothes that don’t fit right, get them altered, unless the style is something you will never ever be interested in. As part of your closet cleaning make a pile for the clothes that you don’t want and a separate pile for clothes that you do want, but that need to go to alterations.
  3. Clothes that are too small – I used to buy clothes that did not fit, hoping that they would in the future.  Many of these clothes still do not fit!  This probably means that they will never fit. Get rid of them — a large majority of what I am purging from my closet this season!
  4. Old Shoes – Shoes that are beat up are not ones that you will be wearing, even if they are Jimmy Choos, because they just look tacky with wear and tear! Get rid of those suckas.  New shoes give someone a fresh look and feel so nice, whereas old shoes make you feel dirty and depressed. Get rid of old shoes!
  5. Jeans – I am a denim collector and it becomes a burden because many pairs of jeans have gone out of style and will never be worn again.  I mainly wear my skinny jeans and maybe one or 2 flare jeans.  It is a good idea to purge old jeans that you don’t wear.  Yes, even those limited edition studded jeans that you paid a million bucks for in 2002 should be thrown out.
  6. Tank Tops and Bodywear – Always collect tank tops unless they are discolored, with holes, or very pilled.  Your need for tank tops and undergarments change from wanting different necklines to different lengths, colors and fabrics. I rarely get rid of a tank top unless it is just too old and then I’ll simply throw it away.

    Closet Cleaning: 9 Items You Need To Purge From Your Wardrobe

    Dresses that just don’t fit! Purge them!

  7. Coats – Coats are typically investment pieces and therefore should not be purged from your closet, even if they haven’t been worn in years.  I have beautiful coats that I have not worn in a decade, but it’s just because they are at the back of my closet, and you can only wear so many coats in one season. Pull those back of the closet coats to the front of your closet and wear them this season.  If it is a fashion-forward style that you know you have never and will never wear, then purge it from your closet.
  8. Dresses – Dresses are expensive and your style changes quickly with dresses.  There is also always a perfect dress for every occasion.  I sometimes go for years without wearing certain dresses in my closet, only because that perfect occasion to wear those dresses never happened for whatever reason.  The only reason to get rid of a dress is if the style is something that you know you have never liked and still don’t like.
  9. Belts – Pretty much, never get rid of a belt.  Belts typically go in and out of style.  Unless the belt is damaged, and that is why you don’t wear it, then just collect those belts for a rainy day.

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