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DIY: Arm Party à la Man Repeller

I’ve always been a jewelry junkie and don’t plan on doing a thing about it! There’s nothing I love more than selecting the perfect attendees to my very own exclusive arm party. (I consider it fairly exclusive since I’ve only got 2 arms!)

DIY Arm Party - I love to collect and treasure my pieces

First things first, like any good bash, you need a theme. I went for earthy, muted tones and a little bit of color for this chilly fall day. Once I established that, I had to filter through and chose the best of the best.

I’m all about the bracelets with stories and meanings behind them that make me smile each time I look down at my wrist (or at least where my wrist used to be!)

For me, it’s not just about having the coolest pieces or the trendiest cuffs (although, if anyone at McQueen is reading this you should know I would likely give my pinky for a grey suede twin skull cuff), it’s about the thrill of collecting and treasuring the pieces that fall into your lap (or more suitably; onto your wrist.)

Here’s 6 things I look for when loading up my arm:
(in order from left to right on my wrist)

1. The one I absolutely love: this can be the one you picked up at the local flea market, or in my case, the one from an ex that I pretend to have picked up at the local flea market. The bracelet. Not the ex…Ouch. SHOP THIS LOOK: Madewell Madame Fortuna™ Penny Bracelet

2. The one that sums me up: it best suits my overall style: a little bit Dr. Martens, and a little bit La Garçonne. SHOP THIS LOOK: Alexandra Beth Designs Aztec Leather Bracelet in Brown

3. The one with sentimental value:  a charm bracelet from my Momma! SHOP THIS LOOK: Marc by Marc Jacobs Classic Marc Charm Bracelet in Black Glitter

4. The one from my travels: I picked this up in Nashville, Tennessee at one of the cutest stores I’ve ever been into. SHOP THIS LOOK: Chan Luu Chan Luu Hematite Leather Wrap Bracelet

5. The one from a friend: my friends and I have gotten in the habit of buying bracelets for each other when we travel and it is obviously a must to wear at least one at a time! SHOP THIS LOOK: Rebecca Minkoff Triple Wrap Tiny Stud Black Bracelet

6. The one that ties them all together: In this case, I wanted to add a pop of color to my very fall themed arm, so I chose a turquoise stone bracelet that I picked up from a local Montreal vendor. SHOP THIS LOOK: PHILIPPE AUDIBERT Cheyenne silver-plated turquoise bracelet

In my books, once you’ve got those 6 covered, you’re good to go and can add in anything and everything else that would compliment them!

Party hard and accessorize better!

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Just a 24 year old girl living in Montreal, QC. I'm a total jewelry junkie and my nail polish collection may be a bit out of control. I'm a picture-taking-aholic, and while we're being honest, I'm a total shopaholic too. My most common impulse purchases are bags, shoes, accessories and nail polish (obviously.) I love anything and everything about music from the lyrics, to going to shows or researching new bands. I have a soft spot for alt-country, folk, and surfer rock, but have an even bigger soft spot for classic oldies like Dylan and The Beatles. My mom always said I should've been born in the 60's. I totally agree! I write poetry and attempt to write song lyrics but am too shy to share those with, well, anyone! If you want a closer look into my world, follow me at or on Instagram @lissykit

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